Unveiling the Remarkable Benefits of Oxygen Dome Facial Machine Treatment

Skin diseases plague millions globally, becoming one of the most common human health issues. They affect nearly 900 million individuals at any given time. While many attempt to mitigate their skin issues with various skincare products or makeup, wouldn't a natural and permanent solution be preferred?

The oxygen dome treatment offers such a solution, promising healthy skin with an effortless approach. This popular procedure in the beauty industry is making waves for its positive impacts on both skin and body.

The oxygen dome facial treatment, renowned by the Korean beauty industry, utilizes a dome that pumps 90% oxygen and negative ions across your skin, rejuvenating it from the inside out.

FAQs about Oxygen Dome Facial Treatment

What is an Oxygen Dome Facial Treatment?

This advanced skincare procedure enhances your skin's oxygenation via a two-step process:

  1. Refined oxygen is pumped into the dome
  2. The dome covers your face, enabling absorption of oxygen and anions

The machine utilizes a technology that separates the air in the room, leaving a stream of 90% oxygen which is pumped into a dome covering your skin. This creates an environment rich in anions - elements that clear the air of allergens, pollens, bacteria, and viruses.

How Does It Work?

This hyperbaric treatment uses anion oxygen, converting natural air into pure oxygen before delivering it to your skin via a dome. Medical spas use 90-98% of pure oxygen, infusing it with antioxidants and nutrients, while the remaining 2-10% anions stabilize and introduce free radicals to your skin.

These radicals rebalance your body's pH level, tackle bacteria, and repair damaged cells, leaving your skin glowing and rejuvenated.

What is the Procedure for an Oxygen Dome Treatment?

Here's a general look at the process, although individual spas might have variations:

  1. Cleansing: The aesthetician begins by cleansing and exfoliating your face. Some spas use organic substances and vitamin-infused water-based cleansers.
  2. Examination: Your skin is examined to determine the best treatment based on its sensitivity.
  3. Oxygen Application: Pure oxygen is administered to your face using a wand, or a similar tool. A serum might also be applied either through the wand or after the oxygen application.

How Long Does the Treatment Take and Recovery Time?

A typical treatment lasts around 30-75 minutes, depending on your spa and desired outcome. Since it's non-intrusive, there's no recovery time, meaning you can continue with your usual skincare regimen or makeup immediately after.

What are the Benefits of an Oxygen Dome Facial Treatment?

The procedure offers numerous advantages:

  • Skin rejuvenation: By increasing your body's collagen production, the treatment makes your skin healthier and younger-looking.
  • Acne reduction: The treatment shrinks your pores, reducing the accumulation of dirt and oils, which can cause acne.
  • Even skin tone: By reducing your skin's pores, it helps prevent pigmentation caused by unwanted chemicals absorption.
  • Skin hydration: By balancing the skin's natural pH level and detoxifying the skin, the treatment improves your skin's moisture retention.
  • Safe and gentle: This process is gentle and poses no risk even for people with sensitive skin.
  • Natural collagen boost: The treatment naturally boosts collagen production, resulting in firmer skin, reduced aging signs, and improved blood circulation.

How Often Should You Get an Oxygen Dome Treatment?

As a non-intrusive, chemical-free procedure, you can get an oxygen dome treatment once every two weeks or once a month, depending on your skincare goals.

When Can You See Results After an Oxygen Dome Treatment?

You might see results immediately after treatment. The glowing skin effect can last up to 14 days after the procedure. However, to achieve lasting results, you might need to repeat the procedure.

Who Should and Shouldn't Get an Oxygen Dome Treatment?

While it's generally safe for everyone, certain individuals should avoid the treatment, such as those who recently had surgery, those with lung disease or an ear injury, and those who currently have a fever or cold.

Does Insurance Cover an Oxygen Dome Treatment?

Generally, insurance doesn't cover this treatment as it's considered cosmetic. However, if it's considered a skincare treatment, your provider might cover it.

How Much Does an Oxygen Dome Treatment Cost?

Prices range from $200 to $500, depending on the spa and location. For instance, a 75-minute special Korean oxygen dome treatment with Kerry Spindler in Boston costs $225.

Where Can You Find a Spa Offering Oxygen Dome Facial Treatment?

You can find a professional aesthetician to perform the procedure by doing a quick Google search using your location and "oxygen dome facial treatment" as keywords.

While oxygen dome facial treatment can deliver effective skincare, remember that it's not a one-off treatment. Patience and consistency are key to achieving your skincare goals.

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