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Barbicide For Your Esthetic Business, Know About Barbicide

Having to cope with the effects of a worldwide epidemic has become the norm; operating a successful beauty company requires more than simply the space and the expertise necessary to make a person appear more attractive. Because the virus may survive on surfaces and be passed from one customer to the next, careful cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection have recently been elevated to paramount significance.

Enter Barbicide. If this is an entirely foreign phrase to you, it is likely because you are relatively fresh to the business world. Barbicide is a popular choice among cosmetologists and barbers worldwide as a solution for sanitizing beauty and grooming accessories such as hair-cutting scissors, razors, combs, and shears. This is because Barbicide is an effective disinfectant. The inventor of the concept for Barbicide, Maurice King, came up with it in the flat he was renting in Brooklyn about 75 years ago. Since then, it has completely altered the way barbers and hairstylists worldwide clean their instruments.

Before the invention of Barbicide, Maurice regularly lamented that going to the barbershop would invariably make the sores on his scalp worse, which is a natural sentiment on his part. For example, conditions were far from perfect in those days: barbers would frequently try to clean the comb for the next customer by simply passing it under the stream of water running through the sink. Some barbers would even hammer the comb on the counter to make the hair fall out of the previous customer, and then they would use it on the next person, thinking it was clean enough. Because Barbicide came into existence, we no longer have to dread going to the barbershop or salon for fear of contracting head lice or another unpleasant condition due to the grooming instruments. Instead, we can relax and make full use of our time there.

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a barricade for fungicides, germicides, pseudomonad killers, and viricides. The solution is believed to be effective against HIV-1 in addition to hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Most Popular Barbicide Products

The enormous popularity of the Barbicide products caused them to sweep throughout the globe like a hurricane. You are not restricted to using only the Barbicide concentrate that Maurice King developed all those years ago. You now have access to a comprehensive range of Barbicide products, each of which is designed to assist you in maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of your spa, salon, or barbershop. Here are some of the most popular Barbicide products developed, bearing in mind the specific requirements of cosmetologists.

Barbicide Concentrate

The most concentrated version of the substance is known as Barbicide Concentrate. This is the precise same idea that Maurice King had all those years ago when he first came up with it. This broad-spectrum disinfectant has been approved by the EPA and is available in containers of one gallon, one half gallon, and one pint. It is effective in fighting against viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV-1, staphylococcus, pseudomonas, clostridium difficile, salmonella, vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE), influenza (including H1N1), herpes, and

When applied to nonporous surfaces like metals, stainless steel, tanning beds, combs, rollers, brushes, and shears, barricade concentrate is not harmful. Despite the brilliant blue hue, it does not leave a stain on the skin or other surfaces it comes in contact with, which helps prevent your equipment from rusting.

Barbicide Wipes

These Barbicide wipes were designed for those like you who don’t want to deal with the hassle of mixing solutions and wiping things down with cloths while cleaning. The Barbicide wipes are disinfection wipes of hospital-grade quality that are affordable, simple, and certified with the EPA. Additionally, the wipes have a contract duration of two minutes. This makes it easier to ensure that the cleanliness and disinfection standards at your spa, salon, or barbershop are met in the shortest time possible.

Your spa or beauty company, or any other location that requires regular, convenient, and portable disinfection, may benefit from using these wipes manufactured from long-lasting, high-quality fabric towelettes. On surfaces that are not porous and robust, these wipes may be used. Each container of Barbicide Wipes contains 160 towelette sheets, and the wipes have more disinfecting solution than the industry standard. As a result, you are getting more for your money with these wipes.

Barbicide TB

The Barbicide TB is a product that was developed expressly to serve as a tuberculocidal disinfectant, and it is suitable for use in those states that mandate its application. The same as the concentrate, it is safe to use on plastics, metals, stainless steel, brushes, combs, and shears. It conforms to the standard set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding bloodborne pathogens.

In addition, it is bloodborne and pathogen-free. It comes in a concentrate, which means it is simple to combine with other liquids. Additionally, the anti-rust ingredient can prevent rust from forming on your instruments. However, you cannot purchase this product anywhere outside the United States. In jurisdictions that don’t mandate the use of tuberculocidal disinfectants, this product is strictly prohibited.

Barbicide Spray

It should go without saying that a jar cannot possibly contain all of the available surfaces and tools, and this is the inspiration for the creation of Barbicide Spray. The Barbicide Spray is a very cost-effective technique for cleaning your salon, spa, or barbershop, and it is available on the market in the form of a spray bottle that is compatible with refills. The barricade solution is provided in tiny bottles that have already been pre-measured in a salon.

Combining the herbicide solution with water is extremely simple, accurate, and uncomplicated. It is convenient for cleaning and disinfecting locations such as acrylic tanning beds, plastics, stainless steel surfaces, and shears — practically any instrument or surface in your salon or spa. You may use it to clean surfaces, shampoo browns, stainless steel equipment, and brushes, and the list continues on and on!

Barbicide Spacide Complete

Pedicures are one of the operations for which there is a substantial focus on safety and hygiene. Because of its low foam composition and high dilution ratio, Barbicide Space is the product that offers the most cost-effective method for disinfecting pedicure bowls and tools after every usage.

Barbicide Jars

If there is one item that Barbicide in any salon or spa is most well-known for, it would have to be the Barbicide jars. These are the faceted glass jars with silver lids that are commonplace in barbershops and serve as a sign of the shop’s cleanliness and its outstanding sanitation and disinfection techniques. The pots are still manufactured with the same high quality as 75 years ago. They are available in three sizes (tall, midrange, and manicure table size) to accommodate disinfection requirements for a wide range of objects. Utilize it to sterilize the implements you use for hairstyling, manicures, and other beauty treatments, such as tweezers and extractors. When it comes to these jars, the choices are virtually limitless.

Barbicide Is Used In The Salon For Disinfection.

One of the most important aspects of running a salon like this is ensuring that it is as hygienic and sanitary as possible, especially at a time like today. As a result, the following is a list of pointers, tricks, and other information to keep in mind when using Barbicide to sterilize your salon, spa, or barbershop.

Barbicide For Nail and Hair Salon

Maintain a clean and clutter-free surface on the manicure table at the salon. During the breaks between sessions, you should clean up any objects still lying about from the previous session. The instruments have to be sterilized and put away, never shared, while waste products such as tissues, cotton swabs, and similar items have to be thrown away. Clear the table, spray it with barricade spray, and wipe it down with a paper towel or washable cloth. In addition, because Covid may live on screens, if you have a screen on your manicure table, you need to make sure that you clean it thoroughly from both sides of the screen.

You need to sanitize and sterilize your nail station and your instruments to eliminate any possibility of client-to-client disease transmission. Collect all of your nail instruments that may be used for more than one purpose so that you can disinfect them properly. This includes nail cleaning brushes, manicure bowls, and non-absorbent nail instruments such as nail clippers, glass or metal nail files, plastic or metal cuticle pushers, nail art sticks, nail clippers, and metal or glass nail files. They should be washed with soap and water and then dried with a fresh towel. After they have been dried, you should next soak them for ten minutes in Barbicide disinfectant. You can put them through the sterilization process or leave them in the jar. After drying thoroughly, place the items in a tidy drawer.

For The Medical Spa, Barbicide With Outstanding Merit

When operating a medical spa, it is of the highest necessity to thoroughly clean, sterilize, and disinfect any areas that patients or customers may encounter. Disinfecting objects that are often handled, such as doorknobs, door handles, restroom facilities, seats, headrests, carts, and so on, should take precedence over other tasks. You choose to use a Barbicide wipe, which is more convenient, or the concentrate/spray option, which gives you more control over the quantity of solution applied. Be sure to disinfect any implements you use directly on the customers by placing them in barricade jars for at least ten minutes before sterilizing them and washing them off with a fresh towel.

Barbicide For Estheticians

Your customers will expect you to keep the instruments you use clean, sanitized, and disinfected as an esthetician. When you are cleaning and sanitizing your tools in between sessions, the following are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Before putting the instruments through the disinfecting process, wash them in warm soapy water. Please place them in jars containing a barricade, turn the lids upside down, and wait at least ten minutes.
  • Use the Barbicide concentrate (two ounces to thirty-two ounces of water) or the Barbicide spray to disinfect surfaces. When disinfecting, you might use Barbicide TB if you live in one of the states that require it.

Barbicide For Barbers

A haircut may seem like a simple activity, but it emphasizes maintaining high cleanliness and hygiene. How do you ensure that your instruments are clean and that you do not contaminate one customer with another? The solution to your question is a barricade. After each session, wash your implements with soap and water, then wholly soak them in the wall and allow them to remain in the solution until the next customer arrives. Also, don’t forget to use the Barbicide spray or wipes to disinfect the seats, countertops, and cutting stations when you’re through.

Barbicide For Makeup Artists

In the same vein as those mentioned above, makeup artists must place a significant amount of attention on the cleanliness and disinfection of their equipment and supplies, mainly because these things frequently come into close touch with the face of the customer. It is recommended that makeup artists wash and clean their makeup brushes, sponges, combs, and brushes entirely in warm water, including soap. This will ensure that the most significant degree of care is provided to their customers. You can use Barbicide wipes to clean and disinfect the abovementioned things following the cleaning process.

Barbicide Alternatives

As a result of the barricade’s widespread use, the industry has witnessed the emergence of several new alternatives.

  • It is possible to consider Mar-v-cide to be Barbicide’s most significant opponent. Although it has a variable concentration of active chemicals, it can still destroy viruses.
  • The Cavicide product combines the functions of a disinfectant and cleanser, and it is suitable for use on virtually any solid and waterproof surface. Hospitals and other institutions associated with the medical industry are most commonly used because of their rapid effectiveness against hazardous viruses and bacteria.
  • The use of rubbing alcohol for daily disinfection is highly recommended. Compared to barricade, it is more efficient in killing bacteria than viruses, and however, it is still effective in killing bacteria.
  • Isopropyl alcohol has antibacterial and antiviral properties that are effective against most bacteria and viruses. However, compared to Barbicide, most brands of isopropyl alcohol on store shelves contain a lower concentration.


Is It Safe To Use Barbicide On The Skin?

It is strongly advised that barricades be utilized just on nonporous items and surfaces, such as plastics, metals, etc. Because of this, applying it straight to the skin, which is porous, can lead to irritations and other negative consequences. It is strongly recommended that gloves, protective gear, and tools be used.

Do I Need To Replace The Barricade?

When the Barbicide solution is stored in jars to submerge implements such as combs, shears, brushes, and other tools, it is necessary to replace the resolution:

  • Daily.
  • As soon as the solution becomes contaminated with other substances.
  • When the dilution ratio is incorrect. 
  • This ensures that the instruments are adequately disinfected and that the quality of the disinfection process is not compromised.

Can Barbicide Be Toxic?

Barbicide is poisonous and can produce various irritations depending on how it is exposed to the body. When breathed, a barricade can irritate the respiratory system and cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms associated with the central nervous system. It can induce gastrointestinal issues, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, if it is consumed. If the Barbicide contacts the skin, the skin may become irritated and may exhibit redness, edema, dryness, defatting, and cracking of the skin. Lastly, it can cause significant irritation to the eyes if it comes into contact with them.

Is Barbicide A Flammable Solution?

Barbicide is a category three flammable liquid and vapor, and it is imperative that it not contact any open flames, sparks, heat, or hot surfaces. We strongly discourage smoking anywhere near the barricade. In case of fire, it is advised that you put out the blaze by using carbon dioxide, a dry chemical, foam, or water fog.

Which Of These Three Disinfection Effectiveness Does Barbicide possess—Low, Middle, Or High?

Because it is effective against most bacteria, viruses, and fungi, you can place a barrier anywhere from low to intermediate disinfectant levels. Salmonella, staphylococcus, and pseudomonas are resistant, while tuberculosis is resistant to Barbicide TB.

Does Barbicide Include Alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol is present in Barbicide, although the exact amount used in the product is a closely guarded trade secret. According to some reports, the alcohol content ranges from 5% to 25% by weight. Because of this, Barbicide has a scent similar to that of alcohol and is also combustible.

Is It Possible To Combine Barbicide With Water?

Barbicide is indeed diluted with water before being used. To get the mixture right, one needs to add 2 ounces of barricade concentrate to 32 ounces of cold water (4 cups). The proportion of barricades to water is one-sixteenth. A proper mixture of barricade TB concentrate, on the other hand, is achieved by diluting one ounce, or two tablespoons, of the concentrate with one gallon, or 128 ounces, of water. The concentration of Barbicide TB in cold water should be at a ratio of 1:128.

Can Barbicide Destroy Human Immunodeficiency Virus?

Yes, Barbicide can eliminate bacteria, fungus, and viruses, such as HIV (AIDS), herpes, ringworm, staphylococcus, and other viruses. However, the recommended contact time must be adhered to for Barbicide to successfully eliminate these pathogens (germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus). As a quick view Barbicide to exert its full effectiveness, a contact time of ten minutes is necessary.

Is It Possible For Barricades To Kill Head Lice?

Yes. In addition to killing parasites like head lice, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other infectious agents, the disinfectant is known as Barbicide is strong enough to be used in hospitals. Head lice are a type of external parasite that resides on the scalp of an infected person, and they are most typically found in children of school age and can be passed from person to person by direct contact.

Can Barbicide Destroy Fungi Like Toenail Fungus?

Even though Barbicide is not designed to be used on non-porous surfaces like the human body, it is nevertheless possible to eradicate toenail fungus that thrives on pedicure equipment like toenail clippers and nail files to prevent the infection from spreading. For Barbicide to effectively eliminate the bacteria that is the root cause of toenail fungus, the recommended minimum contact time must be adhered to, and the product must be diluted appropriately.

What Exactly Are The Components That Make Up The Barricade?

There are three primary and effective components used in the barricade. Diam Ethylbenzyl Ammonium chloride, isopropyl alcohol, and sodium nitrite are the three substances in question. Isopropyl alcohol is a common disinfectant that is available practically anywhere, which is especially important in this day and age of a pandemic that has spread over the globe. Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride is a promising and superior disinfecting and antiseptic product frequently used in personal care products (such as shampoo, soap, and conditioner), home care products (such as fabric softener, etc.), and even agricultural products. It is a quaternary ammonium compound. Last but not least, sodium nitrite is a preservative that is utilized.

What Is The Correct Proportion Of Barricade To Water When Combining It?

  • It is necessary to add water to the barricade before being used.
  • To get the mixture right, one needs to add 2 ounces of barricade concentrate to 32 ounces of cold water (4 cups). The proportion of barricades to water is one-sixteenth.
  • On the other hand, a proper mixture of barricade TB concentrate is achieved by diluting one ounce, or two tablespoons, of the concentrate with one gallon, or 128 ounces, of water. The concentration of Barbicide TB in cold water should be at a ratio of 1:128.

Barbicide Certification And News

Do I Require Barbicide Certification?

The Barbicide certification is ideal for anybody who works in the beauty industry, whether you are personally or someone you know. Barbicide certification is recommended for individuals who work in the beauty sector or own medical spas, barbershops, or salons. This guarantees that clients and customers feel at ease and have peace of mind anytime they enter your salon, spa, or barbershop. By doing so, you are showing the rest of the world that you are making the efforts required to reduce the incidence of Coronavirus or any other virus and halt its further spread. – How Can One Obtain Certification in Barbicide?

Where Can I Get The Answers To The Barbicide Certification Test?

It is impossible to find barricade certification test solutions online. On the other hand, there are training programs that you can participate in to guarantee that you will ace the Barbicide certification exam and obtain the Barbicide certificate that your beauty business needs to operate legally. You may enroll in the class by going to the following website:

There are additional quizzes that may be found online to assist you in preparing for the Barbicide certification test.

Can You Tell Me More About The Barbicide Website?

By going to the company’s website at, you will access the whole catalog of Barbicide goods and the rest of the organization’s offerings.

Where Can I Get My Hands On Some Barricade?

Barbicide is available for purchase by experts in the beauty business through the extensive distribution network of the beauty industry, which spans not only the United States of America but also the rest of the world. You can check to see if there is a distributor in your area by going to this website and entering your zip code: You may discover the list of foreign distributors here: You can access this page if you are located outside of the United States and belong to MENA, Canada, or Europe.


In a nutshell, Barbicide is a hospital-grade disinfectant that the EPA has given the green light. For decades, the most respected experts in the beauty business have relied on Barbicide. It has been demonstrated to kill various bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses, and it is known to prevent the transmission of infectious viral illnesses. Recent tests have shown that it effectively destroys the human Coronavirus, and these tests were just completed.

In this age of Covid-19, a global pandemic, it is necessary to take the required precautions to ensure your customers’ safety while entering and exiting your salons, spas, and barbershops. This will prevent the spread of viruses or diseases your customers could contract. Informing your clients and customers that your company meticulously cleans, disinfects, and sterilizes surfaces and equipment between sessions will make them feel more comfortable using your company’s service

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