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Best Spa Software 2022 Reviews & Comparison

Best Spa Software 2022 Reviews & Comparison


For a business manager to succeed, it is essential to preserve and expand one’s existing client base and implement the best spa software. They must manage their time and create timetables to fulfill the client’s requirements. Customers demand a reliable method to schedule appointments, and a company needs to keep track of the money it makes and its activities. They all demonstrate that there is more involved in operating a spa or salon than initially appears to be the case.requirements, they have to manage their time and create timetables effectively. Customers demand a reliable method to schedule appointments, and a company needs to keep track of the money it makes and its activities. All of them demonstrate that there is more involved in operating a spa or salon than initially appears to be the case.

Nevertheless, this study investigates the top software applications for beauty salons and spas, focusing on salon management software, salon booking apps, salon marketing tools, and salon accounting and booking software.

The Essential Software For Running A Successful Spa Or Salon Business

These are the essential pieces of software required for developing your spa business to ensure its smooth operation. Listed below are some of them:


Salonist Spa software

The Salonist program streamlines and simplifies the operation of hair and nail salons, allowing owners and employees to focus on providing excellent customer service. This program possesses distinctive characteristics that set it apart and give it value. 2016 marked the year of its inception in India. And ever since then, it has made it easier for proprietors of beauty salons or spas to make money and complete various transactions. Some features include membership management, Search and Smart Views, Exporting Data, Online Money Register, Application Programming Interface (API), and multiple locations.

Meevo 2

Meevo 2 Spa software

Web browsers are used to access the software stored in the cloud; Meevo 2 was developed with compatibility for all salon sizes and devices; it moves routine tasks from your PC to your mobile device and vice versa. Utilizing the sophisticated features available to this cloud-based software platform members opens up a world of possibilities. It is simple to produce and simple to keep under control. Among the features are membership, services for swapping and splitting registers, family sharing, and several different options for configuring freezes.


Vagaro Spa software

Vagaro is a program for spas that specializes in delivering specialized services, such as search engines, to Spas located in various areas. It is a web-based platform to improve the atmosphere of the small, freelance, medium, and large spas among both existing and new consumers. This technology manages the interaction between spa owners and their clients efficiently. Businesses can sign up for the Vagaro tool, create a profile for themselves, promote their company, and even schedule appointments using the platform.


Zenoti Spa software

Zenoti is a management software tailored for yoga studios, fitness centers, and beauty salons. This business software is exhaustive and robust, providing users with all the tools necessary to manage and expand their companies. Users of this program can organize lessons and appointments, accept reservations through various internet channels and carry out upsell advertising to existing and potential consumers. Users of this system benefit from mobile POS, automation, and pricing that are competitive with the best in their industry while managing the payment and billing aspects of the firm.


It is generally agreed that the Shedul salon software is the most effective software used in salons and spas. It is a straightforward yet effective and free spa booking software. Business management software addresses practically all spa owners’ worries regarding their businesses and does not charge users anything to use any of its features. The following are some of the essential elements that it possesses: customer profiles, appointment scheduling, automatic reminders, point-of-sale transactions, personalized messaging, an activity dashboard, and online reservations.

Salon Appointment Scheduling Software

Salon Appointment Scheduling Software

Salon booking is a significant problem for many company owners considering starting their salon and substantially managing their appointment calendars and schedules for other employees. The following are components of the finest salon booking software:

Booker by MINDBODY

This web application consolidates the processes of online booking, advertising and marketing services, and payment into a single location. If you utilize this platform, your customers can make reservations, set up appointments, and make payments without navigating to a new website. Booker by MINDBODY can interface with your Facebook page, allowing clients to make appointments through their Facebook profiles. You would get access to all of the marketing capabilities, including discounts and promotions related to social media.


Schedulicity is a user-friendly and cost-free online booking application that makes organizing and managing work schedules easier. You can incorporate your services into the account; all you need to do to schedule them in advance is use this app. You can check the day’s upcoming appointments on the app’s dashboard and constantly create new works. You’ll be able to maintain customer profiles and add new ones with Schedulicity at your disposal.


This program is often regarded as the most effective option in salons and spas. It is a straightforward yet effective and free spa booking software, and it does not charge users anything to use any of its features. The following are some of the essential elements that it possesses: customer profiles, appointment scheduling, automatic reminders, point-of-sale transactions, personalized messaging, an activity dashboard, and online reservations.


This is an excellent online booking and scheduling software for beauty salons. The booking part of Rosy is designed to assist you in scheduling several meetings for clients, maintaining a client history, and personalizing automatic reminders. Due to Rosy’s user-friendly checkout system, you won’t have trouble keeping track of gift cards, cash drawers, or other transactions. The website may be accessed and is optimized for mobile use.

Medspa treatment


Timely’s spa scheduling software offers a comprehensive assortment of valuable functions. Your customers will easily access your online booking, whether they visit your website or Facebook page. You may manage your customers and provide them with unique experiences, send automatic reminders, manage stocks, sell items, analyze your performance on a dashboard, manage your earnings, and develop and maintain a website for your business.

Software For The Management Of Hair Salons

Software For The Management Of Hair Salons

Software designed for automating the day-to-day operations of salons, spas, and beauty salons is referred to as “Spa and Salon Management Software.” It helps the managers of spas and salons operate their businesses more efficiently by allowing them to handle daily calendars and appointment reservations with a single click. The following is a list of the primary functions offered by salon management software:

  • Appointment management; customers of Salon Management Software are given the ability to book and schedule appointments via a phone, a browser, or a laptop computer.
  • Email and Text Message Marketing; Users of Salon Management software may launch text message marketing campaigns, email sales, and email sales more easily.
  • Staff Management allows customers to build a flexible office schedule and integrate other applications.
  • Point of Sale; The POS users that use this program are granted the ability to create their payment methods and possess many types of payments, refunds, discounts, and product sales.
  • Product Management; the program assists customers in managing their products by allowing them to track vendors, regulate inventories, and create product transaction profiles.
  • Reports: The reporting functionality of spa management software assists users in keeping track of monthly company success metrics such as new client acquisition, staff sales, and product purchases.

Leading Client Relationship Management Systems For Hair Salons

CRM solutions enable businesses to increase customer service and sales by optimizing corporate procedures while fostering positive customer relationships. The following is a list of the best CRM systems:

Leading Client Relationship Management Systems For Hair Salons

CRM Methods That Are Straightforward

This customer relationship management software integrates everything necessary to manage your marketing and sales activities into a single platform. It is primarily developed with B2B commerce between medium and small firms. Simple CRM Systems are easy to construct, and it only takes a short amount of time to become familiar with them.


Pipedrive is a sales management software that is given to sales. This customer relationship management system is geared toward small businesses with either lengthy or complex sales procedures.


This one is one of the most successful companies in the global CRM business. It is included in the Zoho suite of business products as a component, and it is simple to use and geared at companies of varying sizes.


Insightly has been around for more than ten years, and only later did it begin, including modules for project management in its base product. It has proven to be a reliable CRM system overall.


2010 saw the birth of this concept. It is an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management option for companies of any size.

Software For The Accounting Of Hair Salons

Because of the large number of transactions that take place daily in salons and spas, salon accounting applications have become essential for making doing business easier. The following are components of the finest salon accounting software:

Software For The Accounting Of Hair Salons


Any beauty parlor will benefit significantly from using the FreshBooks accounting software because of its high quality and adaptability. It is an all-in-one accounting system that takes care of every aspect of bookkeeping, from creating professional invoices to monitoring cash flow to keeping track of workers’ working hours and shifts.


Xero makes it straightforward to create professional-looking invoices. The issues related to cash flow would be resolved due to the app’s proper tracking of invoices.


QuickBooks is a cloud-based beauty salon management software developed with small businesses in mind. It has a straightforward interface and is compatible with most browsers. You can submit an invoice to facilitate speedy payments using the program.

Point Of Sale (POS) Software For Hair Salons

You may avoid a lot of tension by using a point-of-sale system designed for spas and salons. It grants access to powerful tools necessary for your salon company’s success.

Square POS

It is generally agreed that the Square POS system is the most acceptable option for spas, and it provides valuable features geared toward assisting salons in expanding their businesses.


Fresh is a program that is effective and well-suited for use in salons. In addition to that, its POS comes with a complimentary membership. It is an all-in-one accounting system that can handle all of a spa’s bookkeeping needs.

Salon Iris

Salon Iris, established in 1999, has more point-of-sale (POS) expertise than the competition on the market today. In terms of the POS industry, it has been fantastic.


This point-of-sale system hosted in the cloud is reliable. It features a user interface that is relatively easy to understand, which makes it very easy to use. It is an excellent choice for establishments such as salons and spas.


This point-of-sale (POS) system is widely used since it is powerful and easy to operate. It has been around for a period that exceeds ten years, and it comes complete with all the required features and is anticipated from a POS system.

Apps For Free Salon Appointments

There are beautiful applications for arranging salon appointments available for no cost. The following are some of the best free salon booking apps:


Fresh is a program designed specifically for spas that are not only free but also simple to use. It is an online booking service that is free and packed with valuable features.


Using this app to get booked, send out reminders, collect payments, and publicize your business is all completely free of charge.


This is yet another leading, safe, cloud-based, and user-friendly free booking salon available on the market.

Scheduling Based On Acuity

This is a beautiful, free booking app that provides a straightforward method for accommodating a more significant number of customers.

Marketing Tools And Applications For Hair Salons

It is necessary to use salon marketing tools and applications to publicize and grow your store and your company. The following are the best salon marketing tools and apps:

Marketing Tools And Applications For Hair Salons

Belliata Salon Booking App

This software and application are among the very best salon marketing options available on the market. It is equipped with a point-of-sale and booking application.


Documents may be designed using and published with its help. It is another excellent software for marketing beauty salons.


The salon has found success in marketing itself using Trello. It does a large amount of organizing of the projects onto the board.


This is a popular app that improves the interaction between consumers and the owners of businesses and the communication between the two groups.


This tool makes it easier to accumulate more analytics and statistics.

Photo Editing Apps

You may alter photographs to your liking with the help of several photo editing apps. The following are some of the best photo editing apps:

The Editor For Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a well-known picture editor that is also free to use. Adobe Photoshop is jam-packed with tools that enable users to create photographs that stand out. You can reduce the appearance of the red eye, make color adjustments, and resize pictures.


Canva is a user-friendly picture editing application that enables users to add graphics to their edited photographs by dragging and dropping them into place. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to construct your design from the ground up.

Resizing app

This tool is easy to use, and within a few seconds, you may resize photographs using its straightforward and intuitive interface. It’s interesting to note that a newly resized photo can be exported into various formats.


This editing program has several valuable capabilities, such as Dehaze and picture correction, and it also allows you to change metadata within the app so that you may insert captions, copyright details, and headlines.

Applications For Video Editing

Using video editing apps, editing, adding and trimming may all be done with videos. The following are examples of some of the best video editing apps:

Adobe Premiere Rush

Most people agree that this program is the most excellent video editing app. The user interface is uncomplicated and fantastic, with large panels and icons, making it straightforward to do everyday video editing tasks.


Users of GoPro cameras will find that Quik is the most beneficial video editing program available. Its primary function is to enable remote control of the GoPro gadget and the editing of footage captured by the GoPro. This application for editing videos integrates action footage mechanically and makes it simple for you to make edits.


On-the-go video editing and capture is a common need for filmmakers, journalists, and video content producers. LumaFusion is optimized for usage on iOS devices to meet that need.


KineMaster is a well-known program for editing videos developed specifically for use in professional settings. It is equipped with valuable capabilities such as various blending styles, audio mixing, and chroma keying.

Websites Dedicated To Freelancers

There are websites dedicated to helping people, especially professionals, find jobs, and some of these platforms are for freelancers. These are some of the most significant websites for freelancers:

Websites Dedicated To Freelancers


The website Fiverr has proved helpful for people looking for work and professionals. Aside from being a website for independent contractors, it also offers free educational programs to help people improve their abilities and even teaches them how to get clients.


Upwork is another excellent and widely used website that gives users the tools to start their careers as freelancers. It offers a place for people to work together and a neutral recruiting procedure.


Toptal is a leading freelancing website that guarantees businesses they will have access to the top three percent of all freelance workers worldwide. If you possess abilities that are in high demand, you will find work.

Simply Hired

This fantastic website provides users with the ability to search for freelance work in their immediate areas, which is a feature that sets it apart from similar resources. This website provides users with the ability to produce resumes and learn a variety of new topics.


PeoplePerHour is used by more than 1.5 million independent contractors and freelancers. Everyone is welcome to use People Per Hour at no cost. However, some of the site’s competitions can be difficult.


The platform’s capabilities are taken into consideration while selecting the most suitable software or applications for your spa or salon. This article will assist you in choosing the finest salon software by highlighting the most significant features. However, the final decision will be left up to you.

It would be best to consider the tools and software described before to run a successful and hassle-free salon and spa company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using spa management software?

As the world goes paperless, the wellness industry has changed with the ability to book appointments online. Clients appreciate the ease of online booking offered by spa and hair salon management software. However, digitizing all aspects of the business can save time and money. Software for spa management integrates booking software, point-of-sale, real-time analytics, and back-office features such as accounting and payroll. Isn’t it better to purchase one software solution instead of multiple ones? Spa management software can help businesses save time, money, and hassle.

Who Uses Spa Management Software?

Spa management and salon software can benefit businesses that provide spa services and other health, beauty, and wellness services. From back-office features to appointment scheduling, these platforms can be a one-stop shop for spa professionals. It is more beneficial for owners and employees to focus on providing quality customer service rather than trying to manage their business. Renting a chair or having a single studio can help stylists save time and money and focus on their clients. Booking and confirming appointments online is made easier by simplifying the booking process.

What is the cost of SPA software?

Depending on the plan, spa software prices can range from free to more than $200 a month. In addition to scheduling, membership creation, appointment reminders, and many other solutions, Vagaro spa software has a monthly cost of $25.

How do spas software work?

In a single-page application (SPA), the user is presented with only one HTML page, so it is more responsive and more closely replicates a desktop application or native app. SPAs are sometimes called single-page interfaces (SPIs).

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