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Everything You Need To Know About Body Sculpting

We all adore getting the perfect body shape. But, some people find it challenging to achieve this by following rigorous exercises and diet plans alone. Some fats don’t shed off quickly, giving them a hard time. Nonetheless, medical technology advancements have paved the way for procedures such as body sculpting to thrive. These procedures help the body to get rid of stubborn fats. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about body Sculpting. 

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting, also referred to as non-surgical body contouring, is a fat-reduction treatment. Using acid injections, sonic injections, or freezing temperatures to destroy fat cells can help with the fat reduction treatment. Once treatment destroys the fat cells, the body flushes them out in recovery. Most of the procedures feature little or no side effects. We will not focus on surgical body sculpting.

How Can You Do Body Sculpting?

Although you can do body sculpting in several ways, it all boils down to breaking down stubborn fats. It’s not intended to be a weight loss solution but an additional way to help people eliminate the fats resistant to exercise and diet. A professional doctor or a certified beautician can do sculpting treatments. Also, available machines can help you do the treatment yourself at home.

Common Forms Of Body Sculpting

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Ultrasound fat reduction is an FDA-approved body contouring procedure that uses ultrasound technology. Highly focused sonic waves are cast to the target area to help break down the fats. In addition, the waves help your body to metabolize and minimize the fat pockets using vibrations. Clearly, ultrasound-assisted excess fat reduction is not an invasive body treatment.

Ultrasound fat reduction machines target areas such as the flanks and the abdomen. This treatment takes an average of one hour to complete; however, it may require multiple treatments for a satisfactory result.

Ultrasound involves little to no discomfort because the treatment is very gentle on the skin. Nonetheless, you may experience a hot feeling and increased sweating during the procedure.


Cryolipolysis treatment

Cryolipolysis, popularly known as CoolSculpting, is also approved by the FDA. The brand name suggests that this procedure involves freezing temperatures to reduce fat. It is a non-invasive procedure that helps eliminate fat cells in selected areas. It’s worth mentioning that this is not a surgical procedure.

Once the freezing temperatures break down the fats, your body’s lymphatic system flushes them out. Since this procedure does not involve surgery or needles, the patients can immediately return to normal activities. 

Target Areas: 

  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Double chin
  • Abdomen
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • Bra and back fat
  • Flanks

Although cryolipolysis is effective, the results take several weeks to be noticeable. The reason is the body takes a while before flushing out the dead cells.

A single treatment takes an average of one hour. However, follow-up treatments are usually required to achieve the best results. 

Laser Fat Reduction

Laser Fat Reduction

Laser fat reduction is the opposite of CoolSculpting because it uses heat rather than freezing temperatures. Fat laser reduction, also known as Warmsculpting, follows the same process. You can use laser energy to destroy the fat cells, then the lymphatic system excretes them, and the body will flush the destroyed cells within 12 weeks.

Laser Lipolysis is an FDA-approved treatment for specific parts of the body. 

Target areas:

  • Flanks
  • Abdomen

Each laser treatment takes approximately 25 minutes. You can get back to your normal activities immediately after the procedure finishes. 

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulation is a great option. It involves electromagnetic energy and strains and contracts the muscle similarly to physical exercise. Furthermore, the contractions cause fat and micro-tears consumption in the muscles.

You can use muscle stimulation machines to build muscles without sweating. The benefit of this process is combining it with other sculpting procedures to improve body shape. For instance, the Coolsculpting specialists have introduced a Cooltone brand to match their function. 

You may experience some side effects after undergoing a muscle stimulation procedure. Nonetheless, they do not last for a long time, and they are mild side effects equal to intense workout sessions.

Side effects

  • Involuntary twitching of the muscles
  • Redness of the skin
  • Muscle pain

Cost: Muscle stimulation costs around 500-600. However, this price is subject to change depending on your location and treatment center. 

Deoxycholic Acid Injections

The body has a natural way of breaking down fats, using a naturally occurring acid known as Deoxycholic acid during digestion. However, scientists have devised a safe method to use this acid to break down fats in stubborn areas.

Deoxycholic acid injections are the only non-surgical sculpting treatment that uses injections. As a result, a qualified medical practitioner should carry out the procedure. An FDA-approved injection is Kybella, an allergen-based product that you can use under the chin area only.

The majority of people that undergo this sculpting procedure require at least six sessions, and each session needs to have an interval of 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Body Sculpting hurt?

Cold and hot treatments may involve a mild stinging or burning sensation. But since the procedure takes around 25 minutes, the pain is bearable. Since these treatments are usually non-surgical, you can get back to your normal activities. 

Is body sculpting safe?

Like any other medical procedure, some risks are involved in sculpting. For example, after the process, one may experience aching, stinging, or tingling for a short while. Another chance is that the results may vary depending on the BMI of your body.

Is body sculpting permanent?

Body sculpting treatments destroy fat cells permanently. But, this does not prevent new fat cells from building up in that area again. You will still need to take care of your body to maintain the results. All body contouring treatments work best for people with BMI between 18.5 and 24.9. 

How long does it take before you notice results?

You should start seeing some changes in 3-4 weeks. But the most significant changes will begin to show eight weeks after the treatment. You will notice results when the body flushes out about 90 percent of the cells.

Final Thoughts

Body sculpting is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that you can use to destroy fat cells. You can apply it to selected areas of the body, such as the double chin, abdomen, flanks, thighs, and arms. Although it comes in five different ways, they all aim at destroying fat cells. Leave a comment below or share this informative article with your friends. We love hearing from you. 

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