Emsculpt At Home: What you need to know!

Emsculpt At Home

Emsculpt is a body contouring and body sculpting treatment that targets specific muscle groups. This targeted treatment can help you build muscle and fat reduction in areas like your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.
Below are eight key things you need to know about Emsculpt.

One session is equivalent to 20,000 crunches

In one session, Emsculpt causes approximately 20,000 muscle contractions using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) technology. In detail, the electromagnet uses technology similar to an MRI to stimulate your muscles thousands of times in thirty minutes.

This treatment is great if you want to burn fat and build muscle fibers in certain parts of your body. Emsculpt’s body sculpting treatment can help you get the six-pack abs you’ve always wanted.

Because the treatment stimulates a targeted muscle area during treatment, some doctors use  it to treat sports injuries. When an injury weakens muscles, the rapid strengthening of muscles can help the athlete get back on track. One of the most famous providers is Emsculpt neo.

The FDA has cleared it for use on five body parts

You can use it on your abdominal muscles, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs. Main goal is to strengthen, tone, and firm muscles in these five approved areas.

Some patients have used the treatment as a non-invasive butt lift. Compared to other butt lift options, Emsculpt is often less invasive and less expensive. 

Patients see an average of 16% increase in muscle mass.

Patients in clinical studies have been tested with MRI, CT, ultrasound, and histology to determine physical changes due to treatments. These tests show that patients have had decreased fat cells and an average of 16% increase in muscle mass. Most People are good candidate for the treatment.
Additionally, these studies have shown that the average patient satisfaction is 96%. That is a very high rate of satisfaction! Even after one round of treatments, these patients have been happy with the decreased fat and increased muscle mass. 

A session feels like an intense workout (muscle tone)

During the 30-minute session, you’re able to lay down and relax. However, the treatment stimulates contractions in your muscles, making you feel like you’ve had an intense workout.
Just like any intense workout, you’re likely to be sore for a day or two post treatment. A reviewer on Health.com noted that they were very painful after the treatment. She notes that the results developed over a month. Also, she was delighted with the decrease in fat and increase in muscle.

Treatment sessions last 30 minutes.

The treatment sessions last thirty minutes, and you’re typically required to sign up for at least four sessions. Each session will be 2 to 3 days apart, meaning complete treatment may occur in as little as two weeks. Also. there is zero recovery time.

Providers will help you determine the best treatment plan for you. You can involve more sessions spaced over a more extended period, especially if you plan on using their body sculpting equipment on several different body areas.

A session can cost between $750 and $1000.

Emsculpt’s body sculpting can cost between $750 and $1000 per session. Since treatment plans often involve multiple sessions, complete treatment for one area of your body can cost between \$3000 and \$4000.
If you plan on using it to continue to improve several body areas, this price can increase dramatically. Because each treatment plan only targets one area of your body (such as your abdomen), you may need additional treatment plans required to target other body areas. Your provider can help you determine how many sessions you need to get your desired results. 

It has some mild side effects (patient experience)

 Clinical studies have noted no known side effects. However, information from doctors and patients has shown that there are some mild side effects when using Emsculpt body contouring.
The most common side effect is muscle soreness. Because Emsculpt works by stimulating the muscles (similar to an intense workout), it’s only natural that soreness may develop for a day or two after each session.
Other possible side effects include muscular pain, temporary muscle spasms, temporary joint or tendon pain, skin redness, and intramuscular fat decrease. However, all of these symptoms are both minor and temporary.

Who can do treatements?

Treatements can benefit a variety of patients. If you need to strengthen your muscles, it can definitely help. Also, it is often used for post-injury treatments and surgical intervention preparation. Moreover, older patients can use it to improve their strengths. To be clear, this is most useful for older patients who can not build muscles through exercise alone.

Furthermore, Athletes often add Emsculpt treatments to their routines. In fact, It can enhance their hard work in the gym. For athletes, treatments lead to more defined and dramatic results. Emsculpt’s ideal candidate is an adult of average weight. An adult exercises regularly and desires more defined muscles. it can give them a more robust core or buttock area.
Avoid treatments if you :
– are pregnant or breastfeeding patients
– have had hernia mesh repair
– have metal hardware
– have Metal IUDs
– have Pacemakers 

It does not cause cancer

Some potential patients worry about the risks associated with using MRI technology over a long period. Since researchers link radiation with cancer, doctors are often warning patients against having too much imaging done. However, electromagnet technology does not cause radiation, meaning it does not cause cancer in patients.
The main risks associated with using Emsculpt’s technology are the same as those related to getting an MRI. The electromagnet can cause serious injury if you have metal in your body. You must let your provider know if you have any of the following: metal coils in blood vessels, cardiac defibrillators or pacemakers, implanted ports or pumps, metal pins or plates, an IUD, or any other metal in your body.

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