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All You Need To Know About Facial Steamer

Steam has long been used for rejuvenation and relaxation purposes. Its use for healing purposes dates back thousands of years. It has grown in popularity now even more than before. Whether you go to a spa or a sauna, steam particles hitting your face is the best part. Steam can do wonders for your body even if it’s only a hot bath.

For people who constantly worry about their skin being too dry or dull, steaming can prove to be the best remedy. Not only is it effective, but it doesn’t hurt your bank either. People are turning towards natural ways to get glowing and radiant skin. Steaming using a facial steamer is the go-to option for many around the world.

There has been a lot of buzz happening about facial steamers all over social media. And for a good reason too. Including a facial steamer into your skincare routine can spice up the results. In the following context, you will learn all about facial steamers, the process of steaming, and their benefits.

What is facial steaming?

Facial steaming is a skin-remedying technique that utilizes heat. The process can provide relaxing sensations to your skin and enhance the overall freshness. Human skin is composed of tiny pores. These pores constantly get blocked by dirt, dust, and debris. The clogged pores give rise to many skin abnormalities like acne, blackheads, and spots. 

Using the heat provided by the steam, the clogged pores get cleansed. This enhances the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients and beauty products. With maximum absorption, the products can reach their maximum potential.

What is a facial steamer?

A facial steamer is a self-care device that has built-in water tanks. When turned on, a facial steamer turns water into steam. This steam is directed to the face of the individual where it increases the ambient temperature of the skin. The higher temperature loosens the debris in the pores. Later, the debris can be cleared off easily. 

Facial steamers are very safe and easy to use. For that reason, you do not need expert hands to get the job done. You can also buy a facial steamer for your home and steam whenever you want. 

How to steam your face using a facial steamer?

As facial steamers are electronic devices, you need to be vigilant when using them. For maximum face steaming benefits, use a facial steamer by following the steps given below.

Step 1: Wash your face

At the start of the process, your face should be as clean as it can be. At any time, different impurities, dirt, and dust can be found on the face. Use clean water to get rid of the oils and debris on your face. This will make the rest of the process go easier.

Step 2: Scrub your face

Gentle exfoliation after washing your face is recommended. Exfoliation is done to remove the dead cells from the skin. This ensures that these particles don’t get mixed up in the process. If they find their way back into the skin, they can cause harm to your skin. Use a scrub to exfoliate and energize your face.

Step 3: Fill water in the tank

Every face steamer comes with a water tank as its primary part. This water will later be turned into steam and do all the cleansing work. Take the tank out of the machine to fill it up with water. The use of distilled water for the tank is preferred over tap water. 

Step 4: Plug the steamer in

After placing the water tank into its place, it’s time to get it heated up. Plug the steamer in, turn it on, and let the water heat. Once the water is hot enough, it will start evaporating. The evaporation phenomenon will create steam that can be used for cleaning your face.

Step 5: Let the steam fall on your face

Before steaming your face, it’s important to sit comfortably. Find a place where you can easily plug the machine in and be seated easily. Fold your hair behind your head and secure them so they don’t come in the way. Let the steam come through the machine and onto your face. To get the most out of it, place a towel over your head. This will ensure that your face gets all the steam coming from the steamer.

You can also control the temperature using the regulator. Set it according to your liking to eliminate any chances of discomfort or overheating.

During the session, it’s important to steam your neck too. Your face and your neck should display the same complexion. If not done right, a color difference will be visible between the two.

Note: Read the instructions well before operating the facial steamer. Fill the water and adjust the temperature accordingly.

What to do after a steaming session?

A steaming session prepares your face for further processing. Washing your face with lukewarm water after steaming will get most of the debris out. But, if you want to go further, follow the instructions provided below.

Apply a face mask

Immediately after steaming your face, you should apply a face mask. This will enhance the effects of a steaming session. Using an appropriate face mask is vital for best results. A face mask should have soothing effects. Once removed, your face will be as clear of impurities as it can be.

Use a moisturizer

Every skincare routine ends with a moisturizer. After steaming, it’s best to moisturize your skin for maximum nourishment and refreshing skin. Moisturizers vary based on color, complexion, and preferences. Choose the one that satisfies your needs.

What are the side effects and risks of using a facial steamer?

Although steaming is a very safe procedure, you need to consider a few factors. As a facial steamer uses electricity, you should be extra careful when operating it. The temperature of steam can also be problematic for some. Adjust the heat or the distance of your face from the device accordingly. 

If you suffer from eczema or rosacea, skipping facial steaming altogether is a good idea. As steam dilates your blood vessels which, in the case of rosacea, can cause extreme redness. If the steaming session is too long, it can become irritating for your skin. Adjust the length of the session accordingly.

What are the benefits of using a facial steamer?

For steaming purposes, it is important to use the best facial devices. Steaming comes with many benefits not only for your face but your general well-being.

Here are some of the benefits of the best facial steaming.

Cleansing at its best

Steam coming from the facial steamer heats the skin and opens the pores. Any build-up of debris in the pores will immediately be softened up. If you have any blackheads on your face, steam will also make them soft. Therefore, it will be easier to remove all the impurities afterwards.

Enhanced blood circulation

When heat is applied to your skin, it dilates the surrounding blood vessels. An increased supply of blood means an increased supply of oxygen. Fresh oxygen boosts your natural glow and nourishes the skin.

No dead cells and bacteria

Dead cells lead to acne. If they are present in the pores for a longer period, the effects can be serious. By opening the pores, steam also makes it easier to remove the dead cells. Heat also kills and destroys bacteria lying around in the pores. This provides extra protection for your skin.

Reduced or no sebum

Sebaceous glands present in the skin release sebum. Sebum is an oil that provides lubrication to your skin. If sebum is present under the skin for a longer period, it can promote bacteria breeding. These bacteria, later on, lead to acne and blackheads. Steam, by opening the pores, makes it easier to remove the trapped sebum.

Better absorption of products

Many people use facial steaming in conjunction with other skincare products. This is very beneficial as it can help clear the way for the products. As compared to clogged skin pores, steamed skin will absorb all or most of the topical creams. You will get better results and better skin.

Increased collagen production

Elastin and collagen are produced by the skin. These two are vital for firm, young, and fresh skin. The increased blood and oxygen flow will boost up the production of elastin and collagen. Hence, a facial steamer can also remove the aging signs from your skin.

Other benefits

In addition to the benefits listed above, facial steaming can also:

  • Relieve sinus congestion and headaches.
  • Make you feel relaxed, soothed, and calmed.
  • Act as a natural moisturizer by hydrating the skin.
  • Provide a cost-effective alternative as facial steamers are affordable and can be found easily.

Final thoughts

There is no set protocol for steaming your skin. Although a face steaming session once a week is enough, 2 or 3 sessions are quite safe and productive. Add herbs or additional oils to the water to get additional benefits. If you have any allergies or skin conditions, consult your doctor before using a facial steamer.

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