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All You Need To Know About Gua Sha

Gua Sha has gained popularity in the recent past, mostly on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. However, it is a relatively old technique in the old Chinese skincare routine.

Gua Sha is a small, handheld, smooth stone or tool made of jade, quartz, plastic, or other semi-precious stone. Gua stands for stroke or press, while Sha stands for redness.

Most importantly, the Gua Sha technique will eliminate skin inflammation, increase blood circulation, and help you have smooth, healthy-looking skin. In addition, it has been proved through various studies to relieve multiple symptoms such as back pain.

Benefits of Gua Sha

Get rid of wrinkles and has better-defined cheekbones

Why not consider Gua Sha to get rid of wrinkles? One of the critical benefits of using this method is that your skin will look and feel firmer. Moreover, your cheekbones will look fabulous, and end up with a smoother, brighter-looking complexion.

Better blood circulation

The Gua Sha technique encourages blood circulation under your skin by scraping the skin. The method triggers better blood circulation by sending a signal to your body to increase blood flow in the skin area.

It gets rid of muscle tension.

In any case, you press your skin with the Gua Sha stone; it facilitates releasing any muscle tension build-up in the skin. Amicably, this ensures that you feel energized and ready for daily routines. Equally, Gua Sha aids in solving issues related to neck pain, shoulder tightness, leg and back pain.

Assist in ridding of Cystic Acne.

Do you have never-ending acne? Gua Sha will help to reduce acne by improving blood circulation and reducing congestion under the skin.

Remove acne scars

Gua sha enables fresh blood to flow in your skin. You may find that the acne scars will be less pronounced. Besides, you will end up looking far, much better than before. 

Reduces inflammation and puffiness around your eyes

Since the Gua Sha technique promotes blood flow, it facilitates lymphatic drainage. The method will get rid of any inflammation in the skin.

Moreover, the Gua sha technique is very relaxing. It goes beyond both physical and emotional benefits. Therefore, in case you face such problems as fatigue, anxiety, or even insomnia, Gua Sha may be the right solution for you.

How to do facial Gua Sha?

First, hold the Gua Sha stone/tool and move it gently across your face.

Secondly, glide your neck, then the jawline, chin, and around your mouth for three to five areas for each part. After doing this, glide your cheeks, then move on to under your eyes. You can then finalize by sliding across your eye from your forehead to your hairline.

Typically, it is essential to be gentle when performing the gua sha on your face. Ensure you do this severally per week for better results.

Critical tips for doing facial Gua Sha

Use the appropriate oil or cream

Consider using a suitable hydrating mist and facial oil that best suits your skin. Choosing the right oil or cream will reduce friction.

Be gentle and use medium pressure.

Don’t be too hard on your skin to avoid damaging the skin. With Gua Sha, you should relax the skin and enhance blood flow.

Use upward motions on your face.

Upwards movements are best suited for your face. Consider doing half your face at a time.

Use downward motions for the side and at the back of the neck

This helps drain the lymph nodes.

Don’t store your Gua Sha tools in the fridge or freezer

Cold devices tend to limit blood flow, thus not advisable.

What to consider before buying a Gua Sha Tool


It’s imperative to consider the material used to make the Gua Sha tool. Furthermore, ensure you choose a material that resonates with your body. Some of the materials to consider include:

  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz is a light pink stone. The stone is considered by many to have healing crystals. Besides this, Rose quartz is a stunning looking stone believed by many to represent love and uplifts one’s mood.
  • Jade: Jade is mostly a green mineral though some may have other colors, such as yellow and white. Many people believe Jade stone enhances both emotional and physical healing.
  • Bone: Traditionally, animal bones make Gua Sha stones though currently, this is less common.
  • Bian stone: Bian stones are pointed stones with traces of minerals. These stones have been used for a long time in Chinese medicine to treat back or neck pains and regulate blood pressure.

The Shape of the Tools

Gua Sha tools come in various shapes. You may consider the double-faced winged tools for feet, hands, and back. Besides, the smaller winged devices with dents are best suited for the face. When choosing the best shape for the neck and shoulders, you may pick spoon-shaped tools.

The durability of the Gua Sha tool

The tool should withstand falling and handle the tasks of scrapping and gliding over your skin without quickly wearing out. Choose solid materials for long-term use; Bian stone can be a good choice as it is strong.

Ease of cleaning and sanitizing

The tool should be easy to clean, sanitize, and sterilize to reuse safely. Moreso, it is best suitable for professionals who need to serve multiple clients.

Part of the body

Bigger and stronger tools are better for the back, hands, and legs. On the other hand, smaller tools with dents will be more appropriate for facial Gua Sha.

The width of the tool

Thinner tools are harder to hold when working and, thus, can fall easily. A significantly wider tool is easier to keep, but scraping the skin may be more difficult. It is crucial to find a device with just the right thickness.


Gua Sha technique is a very excellent skincare routine. The technique brightens your skin, thus, solving some health issues such as back pain. Besides, Gua Sha’s benefits go beyond physical benefits. It enhances your mood and emotional well-being. Recent research has shown that the Gua Sha technique is very beneficial. At the same time, while choosing the Gua Sha tool, it is imperative to select a device that meets your specific needs.

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