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The Effect Of High Frequency On Acne

All of us have struggled with acne at some point in our lives. Whether it was a passing phase during your teenage years, a reoccurring occurrence before all of your birthday parties, or a persistent struggle that followed you well into adulthood, every person has been a victim of this perpetrator at some point in their life. Acne can be caused by various factors, including hormonal changes, poor hygiene, and genetics. As described by the Oxford English Dictionary, Acne is the condition that occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin become swollen or infected. Its characteristic red bumps most commonly identify acne. It is estimated that up to 50 million people in the United States are affected by skin conditions each year, and it can strike anyone at any point in their lives. Acne affects many people above 30, even though it is most prevalent in young people (12-24).

How Did I Get Acne?

In all honesty, no one can entirely control the beginning of acne or its treatment over the long term. Pimples, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, and nodules are the most prevalent forms of this natural and widespread occurrence, taking the shape of nodules. The pores on our skin are the root of the problem with acne. In human beings, the pores on our skin are linked to oil glands via follicles, which are tiny sacs that produce and secrete an oily liquid known as Sebum. Oil glands are located beneath the skin’s surface, and Sebum is the substance that carries dead skin cells to the skin’s surface via follicles. Tiny hairs arise from these follicles; however, occasionally, the Sebum will obstruct these follicles, preventing the strands from emerging. When follicles get clogged, oil begins to collect just below the skin’s surface, which can eventually lead to a mass consisting of skin cells, hair, and Sebum. Follicles become clogged when there is congestion inside them, and this mass entices bacteria, which penetrates the skin and causes inflammation to develop.

On the other hand, this inflammatory response gives rise to the dreaded pimple that we all know and hate. While zits differ in size and content, all zits have in common that their appearance is neither expected nor desired. However, there are treatments and preventative measures available, so anybody may take action to lessen the likelihood of developing the condition.

 Get Acne

Different Kinds Of Acne Include:

  • Comedones are characterized by the absence of visible enlargement and include both blackheads and whiteheads. They are the consequence of the growth of bacteria in blocked follicles on the skin.
  • The reaction of your immune system to blocked and infected cells is what causes pimples, also known as inflammatory acne or cystic acne. Anywhere on your face can have spots, and bacteria and oil can enter the skin if pores and hair follicles are damaged and cracked. Ruptures near the skin’s surface produce zits, while fractures that occur more profoundly in the epidermis generate more severe forms of cystic acne, such as cysts.
  • Papules are little red or pink pimples that can range in size but are typically no more than half an inch in diameter. Bacteria, oil, and white blood cells are all contained within these domes, but no pus or liquid is present. Dead skin cells are responsible for trapping oil and germs within pores, which may only slightly swell due to the immune system’s response of sending white blood cells into the affected area.
  • Pustules are similar to bumps, except that abscesses are formed from a collection of white blood cells that have died. This collection is known as pus.

Which Factors Put Me At Greater Danger?

However, many studies in the field have found that hormones and the excess presence of bacteria are the top two culprits in causing the onset of acne in most individuals. Even though no single factor is scientifically proven to cause acne, various factors contribute to the development of acne.


Acne is caused in significant part by hormones, which are chemical messengers produced by the endocrine glands and circulate throughout the body. According to dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, “when a woman’s androgen male sex hormone receptors are susceptible, these hormones can activate excess oil production and cause skin cells to become sticky, resulting in blocked pores and breakouts.” citation needed Because of this, pubescent boys and girls are frequently disproportionately impacted by acne. During this period, they experience considerable surges in androgen levels, which is one of the reasons why acne affects them so severely. Hormones do not directly cause acne. Acne’s actual perpetrator is the process by which it develops and the underlying cause, which we covered before. However, it is essential to be aware that hormonal variables may enhance a person’s vulnerability to the inflammation process brought on by excessive oil levels and the clogging of pores.


When hair follicles get blocked, they provide prokaryotic organisms with the ideal habitat to develop and thrive. In particular, bacteria are known to colonize these locations frequently. This causes the brain to trick the immune system into thinking that there are infections present, which causes the discharge of white blood cells to the sick region. As a result, the area swells up, as inflammation is a typical physiological response in the body to an infection.

What Does It Mean To Receive Treatment Via High Frequency?

What Exactly is High Frequency Therapy

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-born American scientist and engineer made the initial discovery that high-frequency currents may be used for many purposes in the 1800s. This alternating current was first employed in the medical field during this period as antibiotic therapy for conditions such as strep throat infections. Its benefits continued to be strongly realized far into the 1900s and beyond that period. Europeans began using high-frequency technology to enhance skin care as soon as it was discovered. This method struck such a chord with beauty professionals and their clients that it found its way to the United States a little over ten years ago. By the 1920s rolled around, there were already a few different glass electrodes intended for this purpose—initially, the use of lasers in dentistry and medicine, and very fast in the beauty industry. Americans quickly adopted using this alternating current in beauty salons to improve the tone, cleanliness, and overall appearance of the skin in patients seeking rejuvenation or healing from specific ailments. Initially, this was a European technique.

Even in modern times, this technique enjoys high popularity and acclaim among patients and medical professionals. High-frequency facials can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, alleviate puffy eyes, minimize dark circles around the eyes, and act as a preventative and immediate solution to acne that does not respond to other treatment options. When properly applied, the high-frequency alternating current produced by electrodes has a high voltage but a low amperage; as a result, the skin does not experience any discomfort and is not damaged in any way. Scientific studies have shown that these currents gently warm the skin’s tissues, which stimulates cellular regeneration and improves the epidermis’s capacity to absorb items designed to care for the skin. Like other heat treatments, high-frequency therapy may also help improve blood flow, which enhances the overall health of the skin from the inside out. It works for this reason as well. Because of the increased blood flow, the skin is better able to absorb nutrients, which assists the body in eliminating poisonous waste products.

How This Helps Clear Up Acne

You might be asking how acne, which affects millions of people each year, can be treated using a high-frequency electrical current. Acne affects both men and women. This therapy may appear to be too good to be accurate. Still, you can rest sure that it has been demonstrated by a large number of dermatologists and other skin care specialists to be exceptionally successful for its intended objectives. A high-frequency current applied to the skin produces enhanced oxygen molecules. These molecules then work to destroy the bacteria that causes localized acne. In response to this, the superficial blood vessels constrict and release toxins, both of which contribute to the cleaning of the skin and the prevention and treatment of bacterial symptoms. In addition, the absorption of nutrients and moisturizing components by the skin cells stimulates both blood circulation and the regeneration of skin cells. This enables the development of collagen and elastin, an additional benefit that leaves the skin feeling tighter and smoother while also imparting a bright shine.

Products We Recommend

There is a wide selection of high-frequency alternating current devices on the market for beauty products for aesthetic reasons; nevertheless, we can only propose a select handful of these products. Because of our familiarity with these machines and our confidence in the technologies and layouts that they employ, we consider these to be the most effective tools currently available on the market for alternating currents in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions that cause inflammation.

Eco Blizz Galvanic Machine

Creams and treatments can penetrate deeper into the skin with the assistance of the Eco Blizz than they would with the conventional application. Iontophoresis is used for nutritional infusion into the skin; on the other hand, lontoderm is used for desincrustation or deep pore cleansing.

What Exactly Is Galvanic Treatment?

The application of galvanic desincrustation, also known as galvanic washing, is performed to saponify the comedo. It is caused by the interaction between saponifying chemicals when they are subjected to the impact of opposing electrodes.

Galvanic therapy

Galvano therapy may achieve the following effects:

  • Desincrustation is a method of non-invasive skin washing.
  • Active compounds are injected into the epidermis at a deep level.
  • On the eyelids, face, and neck, the elimination of minor wrinkles and the decrease of significant wrinkles are both achieved.
  • Increase in the amount of moisture that is contained in dry skin.
  • Due to increased circulation and lymph flow, under-eye circles and fat pads are reduced.
  • Increase in the suppleness of the skin.
  • Scar revision surgery is performed on patients who have had previous injuries or surgeries.
  • Constricting the pores
  • speeds up the metabolic process within the cells.
  • Enhancement of the skin’s blood supply as well as circulation of the lymph system

Machine With A High-Speed Eco Flash Frequency

This device is a high-frequency electrotherapy beauty tool made specifically for professionals in beauty salons and face treatment rooms.


  • It uses specialized UV radiation to disinfect the skin and hasten the healing of wounds.
  • Reduces the appearance of freckles, age spots, pigmentation, and acne.
Frequency Machine

The application of high-voltage alternating currents to the human body through glass electrodes is the definition of high-frequency. Impulse alternating sinusoidal currents with high voltages (about 20 kV), high frequencies (110-400 kHz), and low power (up to 100-200 mA) are responsible for the effects. It is possible to achieve this effect by using these parameters. The device enhances blood circulation, stimulates biochemical metabolic processes of the surface skin and below, improves histotrophic nutrition and saturation with oxygen, and decreases the degree of pain receptors’ sensitivity to irritants from the outside environment.

Darsonvalization Has The Following Effects:

  • Efforts antibacterial in nature
  • Activation of the skin’s natural healing processes using inflammatory agents
  • Enhancement of the skin’s overall tone as well as its texture
  • The contraction of pores
  • A quickening of the metabolic processes taking place within the cells

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