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Nonsurgical Body Sculpting: Truth Vs Reality

Nonsurgical body sculpting involves removing or reducing fat pockets without surgery. Alternatively, nonsurgical fat reduction is called nonsurgical fat reduction. You can shape and contour your body using several nonsurgical body sculpting techniques.

Body Sculpting Without Surgery: What Is It?

Weight loss should not be the goal of nonsurgical body sculpting. Those who have reached their desired weight but wish to lose stubborn fat pockets may benefit from this procedure. Typically, this refers to stubborn fat that, even with exercise and diet, won’t go away. Most body contouring procedures require a body mass index of less than 30.

Nonsurgical body sculpting will require several sessions. When you’re done, you might look toned and shapelier.

What Are the Benefits of Nonsurgical Body Sculpting?

There are two types of nonsurgical body sculpting techniques. These techniques destroy frozen fat cells.

Heat is another method for reducing fat in the targeted areas. Among the areas that can benefit from these techniques are:

  • upper arms
  • thighs
  • abdomen
  • love handles or excess fat around the hips and abdomen

You can reduce fat without surgery with the following treatments:

CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis: Cryolipolysis works by using extreme cold to break down fat cells and reduce fat deposits.

On top of your skin, the surgeon places a cupped or paneled device. Once the fat cells freeze, the device lowers the temperature enough to destroy them.

Because fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than muscle, skin, and nerve tissue. What Is Cryolipolysis?

  • Underarms, under the chin, and under the buttocks can also be treated. The procedure is FDA-approved.
  • The procedure is perfect for patients who wish to reduce fat bulges without undergoing body reshaping;
  • patients may reduce fat by as much as 25% per treatment;
  • It requires 35 to 60 minutes to complete and is relatively painless, though it causes an intense feeling of coldness;
  • After 2 to 3 months, results are noticeable and maximum; and
  • As long as you do not gain a lot of weight, it yields long-lasting results.

‌Using a laser for body contouring: Controlled heat is used to dismantle subcutaneous fat.

Laser treatments heat the targeted fatty tissue to break down fat cells. In addition, a cooling system keeps your skin protected:

  •  The FDA has approved it for reducing abdominal fat and flank fat, and your doctor may recommend it for reducing fat in other parts of the body,
  • the procedure is painless and produces a warm sensation,
  • each area takes about 25 minutes to treat,
  • The maximum results are achieved after 12 weeks, and the procedure is painless.
  • Long-term results are achieved without gaining significant weight.

The FDA has approved red light therapy for nonsurgical fat reduction. Light of specific wavelengths is sent through the skin using a specialized lamp, and small openings are created by the targeted fat cells upon being triggered by the light.

‌This causes the fat cells to shrink in size, thus causing fat loss. Among these treatments is UltraSlim. By releasing fat as waste, it has the following advantages:

  • The treatment is suitable for hips, abdomens, thighs, and other areas prescribed by your doctor.
  • Minimal recovery time is required.
  • The procedure takes only 30 minutes.
  • After three to five treatments, results can be seen. 
  • There are no known side effects to this procedure, but it’s not recommended for pregnant women or those with impaired liver function.
  • If you do not gain too much weight, it produces lasting results.

Nonsurgical Body Sculpting Benefits

There are several advantages to nonsurgical body sculpting besides its safety:

  • The procedure does not require general anesthesia or incisions and does not leave scars.
  • Recovery time is minimal.
  • Most of the risks are avoided.
  • Because the treatment produces gradual results, it is discreet.
  • If you maintain your ideal weight, the results may last for years.

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