Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines: Top Tips For Your Investment

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Are you wondering what is the best laser hair removal machine on the market? With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the most effective one. However, selecting the right machine is essential for both patients and business owners to ensure top-notch results. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about professional laser hair removal machines and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Unwanted body hairs are common on the face, legs, chin, bikini line, and upper lip. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to remove the hairs permanently. Tweezing, shaving, waxing, or using creams don’t always help. Laser therapy is a long-term option. It destroys the hair follicles that cause hair growth. Besides that, this therapy is safe. It only targets coarse hair. Also, it leaves the surrounding area undamaged. Let’s learn more about the best laser hair removal professional equipment.

There are many lasers on the market today. As a result, it cannot be easy to choose the most effective laser hair removal machine. Whether you are a patient or a business person, it’s essential to know the type of laser that will give good results. Good machine subsequently guarantees top-notch services. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about professional hair laser machines. 

What is the best laser hair removal machines professional, and how does it work?

A laser is a device that emits light at a specific wavelength. The laser beam usually has a precise single color. The melanin absorbs the energy from light in the hair. When the light energy converts to heat, it destroys the hair follicles that produce hair. It damages the surrounding tissue. In addition, you need to target the laser to specific cells. The technique’s goal is to avoid damaging the surrounding tissues and remove hair permanently. During the procedure, the doctor will press the laser to your skin. You may use a cool gel or a cooling instrument to minimize side effects. After the treatment, you might experience swelling or redness. You can apply ice to lower discomfort.

Best laser wavelengths for different types of skins

Hair Wavelengths for different Skins

There are many types of laser equipment in the market. However, the best laser hair removal machine use long-pulsed lasers. The long intense pulsed light means that the laser rests on the skin longer than the other types. A long-pulsed laser rests on the skin longer than a short-pulsed laser, about 1 second. Short pulsed lasers such as the Q switch rests on the skin for a short time. Hence, Q switch lasers are suitable for procedures such as tattoo removal. There are only three gold standard laser wavelengths for hair removal.

Alexandrite Laser (755 nm)

Identifying the Best Alexandrite Laser Machine is not an easy task. The 755 nm wavelength is notably effective for hair removal, especially for skin types 1, 2, and 3, making it a significant feature of the best alexandrite laser machines. However, its high melanin absorption rate renders it less suitable for darker skin types such as 4, 5, and 6.

Diode Laser (805 nm or 810 nm )

805 nm or 810 nm Diode laser offers a medium melanin absorption. Melanin absorption makes it safe to use with all types of skins. It has less melanin absorption than 755nm, making it safe even for dark tone skins. 

When dealing with darker skin tone hair, the operator has to minimize the energy a little bit. Minimizing the power makes it less effective hence making people with a dark skin type get more treatments.

1064 nm is the safest laser wavelength for a dark-skin person compared to 805 nm or 810 nm Diode and 755 nm Alexandrite. However, it’s less effective when it comes to skin types 1, 2, and 3. Yag Laser is the standard gold wavelength for dark-toned skin. 

Fact Vs Myth

Laser hair removal machines DOES NOT cause skin damage. While there is a small risk of skin damage with any laser treatment, this risk is minimized when the treatment is performed by a trained professional using appropriate settings for the patient’s skin type and hair color.

Pros and Cons of Different Hair Removal Machines

Different Hair Removal Machines

Type Pros Cons
Laser Hair Removal Permanent, fast, precise Can be painful, expensive, not suitable for all skin types
IPL Less painful than laser, cheaper Not as effective, more sessions required
Electrolysis Works on all hair/skin types, permanent Time-consuming, can be painful

Fiber Delivery Vs Diode Bar Technology

Any professional hair laser removal machine features a handpiece for emitting a laser onto the skin. The handpiece can be either a diode bar technology or a fiber delivery with interchangeable spot size. 

Diode bar technology

The diode lasers use the handpiece tip contact alongside a medium such as a clear ultrasound gel. The ultrasound gel helps keep the skin calm as it allows the handpiece to glide across the skin. Nonetheless, diode laser hands have a few setbacks. First, they require many passes for the treatment to be successful. In addition, some people may view ultrasound gel as a mess. Diode laser equipment is affordable and powerful to use non-stop all day.

Fiber delivery system

Fiber refers to a glass-like cord. It connects to the optics that produce laser beams from the optics. Professional laser equipment that features the fiber delivery system allows different spot sizes. These spot sizes make the hair removal more precise.  A professional hair laser removal machine with fiber delivery technology is considered high-end. You will receive better results since the fiber delivery system is made using high-quality components. However, high-quality components translate to high manufacturing costs. But if you are looking for the best results, then you should consider a fiber delivery system.

Fact Vs Myth

Laser hair removal machines are only effective on certain body parts. While some areas of the body may be more sensitive or require more treatments than others, laser hair removal can be used effectively on almost any area of the body.

Features of Hair Removal Machines

Feature Laser Hair Removal IPL Electrolysis
Permanent Results Yes No Yes
Treatment Time Moderate Quick Slow
Pain Level Moderate Low to moderate High
Works on all hair/skin types No Yes (to a degree) Yes


What you should consider when you shop for a commercial laser hair removal machine?


When choosing a professional hair laser removal machine, you need to consider setting aside a budget. The features and associated costs should guide the costs. Professional and cosmetic lasers are costly. The commercial-grade hair removals that you find at a dermatologist clinic, a medical spa, or a plastic surgery office are made using high-quality components.


Laser hair removal equipment ranges from $30,000 to $20,000. The fiber delivery hair removal that features Alexandrite and Nd: Yag is the best. The reason is they are high quality and offer premium results thanks to the premium beam technology. They cost an average price of $85,000 to $200,000. 

The diode laser technology hair removal equipment is considered the low end. They cost around $30,000 to $75,000. Planning a budget is important considering getting quality service and warranties concerning what you pay. If you cannot buy full cash, you can arrange for financing or leasing high-quality equipment. 

Financing or Leasing

You need to understand how the process works before financing or leasing laser hair removal equipment. When financing, you get to own the device when you are done paying. Conversely, leasing means that you have to return the equipment after the agreed period is over. Whether you choose leasing or financing, you will still have to make a large chunk of payment at the end of the month. But what beats owning the laser hair removal equipment at the end of a payment term? The payment terms primarily consist of 36 to 60 months. These monthly payments vary depending on various factors. Some of the critical factors include the financial health of your business, time in the industry, and your credit score. In most cases, new businesses get hit with high monthly payments or high interest rates since they pose a greater risk. Nevertheless, the financing process is as straightforward as it only requires the last three months’ statements and a one-page credit application.

Treatement Time

The shorter the treatment time, the more clients you will treat using your equipment. The treatment time depends on the speed, power, and spot sizes. Many clients will not feel comfortable undergoing a procedure the whole day. But with fast enough equipment, energy, and large spot sizes, the patients will be treated in record time. A happy client is suitable for your business. Besides, you can cover more parts or offer the patient other services with your equipment.


We looked at the best wavelengths for all types of skins earlier in this article. A professional hair laser removal machine with two wavelengths is the best, especially if you are in a place full of diverse skin types. If you live in such a diverse area, then equipment that features an alexandrite laser and the 1064 nm nd: Yag laser is the best. Besides, these two wavelengths can facilitate many more treatments rather than just hair removal.

Repair and service

Another important thing you need to consider before buying hair removal equipment is repair and servicing. Commercial hair laser removal machines will be running treatment constantly. You will need to service or repair them from time to time. It is essential to choose high-quality and affordable services. Some machines can feature disposable parts. It is essential to ask the seller if the equipment you are about to buy features disposable parts. Lastly, you need to consider the life expectancy of the components. For example, the Diode handpieces can be used for up to 10 million pulses. So the higher the amount of service it offers, the longer the diode handpiece will last without needing a replacement.


It is crucial to consider multi-function capabilities when buying a professional Hair laser removal Machine. Most equipment will feature different extra treatments. The additional options offer you a chance to provide extra services to maximize your revenue. Equipment that you can use for at least 20 more different treatments is a good deal. It is the perfect opportunity to create a successful medical spa. Treatments such as tightening, toning, pigmentation, facial veins, and leg veins will get your customers back for more.

Other important features

A quality hair laser removal machine is optimized to make the patient comfortable. It is why you need to consider features such as laser and skin cooling. In addition, you should be keen on technical details such as the memory slot, calibration method, and pulse control. Make sure that you are satisfied with these technical specs as they are significant for quality

Comparison of Different Types of Hair Removal Machines

Feature Laser Hair Removal IPL Electrolysis
Permanent Results Yes No Yes
Treatment Time Moderate Quick Slow
Pain Level Moderate Low to moderate High
Works on all hair/skin types No Yes (to a degree) Yes

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose home lasers over professional lasers?

Home lasers for hair removal are available. However, they are not adequate compared to laser hair removal done by a professional. According to the U.S Food and drug administration, home lasers are considered cosmetic, not medical. Therefore, they don’t offer similar results to medical ones.

Will professional lasers remove the hair permanently?

A laser procedure can either lower the hair density permanently or remove unwanted hair permanently. When the hair density is reduced permanently, some hairs will grow after one therapy session; hence you need ongoing treatment. On the other hand, permanent hair removal will remove the hair permanently after a single treatment. Therefore, patients don’t need continuous therapy.

The following factors influence the removal of the hair:

  • Color of your skin

  • Quality and type of the laser

  • Thickness and color of your hair

  • Experience and competence of the person operating the laser 

Does the choice of laser-matter?

Lasers affect how the treatment work and side effects. There are specific lasers suitable for this treatment. It is essential to consider the type of laser and how it works on your skin type. It helps to lower the risk of damaging the cells that produce melanin on the skin surface.

Can you laser Grey hair?

Grey, white, red, and blonde hair lacks pigmentation (melanin). It’s difficult to remove them using a hair laser removal machine. Lasers work by targeting hair pigmentation, so if it’s not available, it becomes ineffective. Laser treatments largely depend on the patient’s hair and skin color.

Final Thoughts

Laser hair removal hinders hair growth. However, it doesn’t stop permanent hair growth immediately. Patients need several treatments and maintenance. Moreover, the treatment is effective for patients with light skin and dark hair. If you need laser hair removal, find a certified doctor in a specialty like cosmetic surgery or dermatology and an expert on laser hair removal. It would be best to be careful about salons, spas, and other places. Some places allow nonmedical personnel to perform the procedure. If you found this article helpful, please leave share it with your friends.