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Amazing Strategies & Tools for Spa Digital Marketing

The Ultimate E-Guide To SPA Business Growth

This article is written to support and assist spa owners worldwide. We’ve spent the last few years talking to thousands of spa operators and discovered that most are struggling with marketing.

You don’t have time to invest in marketing when you spend most of your time with clients or managing your spa. It’s critical to make the most of your free time by being proactive with your marketing and doing what works best: bringing in new customers.

This training is appropriate for any spa style, including day spas, medical spas, laser clinics, resort spas, and even self-employed aestheticians.

There are many resources available to you if you are a self-employed professional. You may do numerous things in your spare time to attract clients to your spa. Owning a spa will teach you about innovative ways to expand your business, especially by using Spa Digital Marketing. Some areas may take more time and attention, but you’ll be able to delegate confidently to others because you’ll know exactly which duties they need to complete and the most crucial ones to participate in.

What Makes Marketing So Important In The Aesthetic Industry?

What Makes Marketing So Important In The Aesthetic Industry?

The first law of marketing is to present prospects with an ideal scenario in which you present them with the appropriate time, place, and offer. Most of your clients are likely to be found online these days, skimming through social media, reading blogs and news stories, or searching for just about anything they might require.

Digital marketing puts you in those same channels, allowing potential customers to come across your company, find out more about it, and even ask questions about what you have to offer.

In today’s world, digital marketing is the key to establishing a successful business!

What We’ll Discover

You’ll learn How to Use The Following Tools In The Following Chapters:

You'll learn How to Use The Following Tools
  • Tools for creating your website as well as an appointment system
  • Intending to create content
  • The Internet and Social Media
  • Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram for a fee
  • Google advertisements that have been paid for
  • Marketing via email
  • Direct mail marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending letters.
  • Catalogs of businesses available online
Take the time to dedicate yourself to this article and put what you've learned into practice.

SPA Marketing Essentials

Why Is It Important For SPA Businesses To Use Social Media?

Hundreds of millions of individuals use and interact with social media platforms daily. You might potentially be reaching out to hundreds of millions of people.

SMM SPA Businesses

People engage on several platforms; most use Instagram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and Snapchat for the younger crowd. You must be present on each platform to communicate successfully with your whole audience.

A few years ago, multi-channel communications and marketing became popular. Social media is the simplest way to establish your brand and form relationships with present and potential clients. You are active when customers visit your brand, regardless of its platform. Regardless of which platform the customer chooses to communicate with you, the platform transmits updates and immediately reacts to the customer.

It is known as multi-channel marketing, when a brand distributes its marketing message across every channel where its customers are. It is recommended to include (but not limited to) the following platforms:

It is recommended to include (but not limited to) the following platforms:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

Identifying your demographic on each platform is critical because they range from one social media channel to the next, but we’ll go over that in more detail later.

Create Content At All Times

Your best models are your customers. Always collaborate with your clients to produce content! Create branded content for your social media networks—the more, the better! It would help if you created as much original stuff as possible.

Always make your material one-of-a-kind. Different posts with constantly new faces and real people with accurate results will be one of the essential tools for attracting new clients for your organization. Always check with your clients to see if they’re okay with being videotaped and photographed, and you may even propose rewarding them with complementary add-ons to their therapy to do you a favor. Make sure to tag your clients so that they can share your post on their social media accounts, allowing more of their friends to view it.

Personal branding is critical since “word of mouth” can attract many new customers. Your employees, spas, logos, banners, and other visual elements should all be constant throughout the films so that your viewers recognize your location and personnel. It builds a stronger bond of trust between you and your customer (or potential customer), and the more trust and loyalty your customers feel, the more likely they are to return.

Social Media

Tools & Services

The Most Important Information To Know

This course will teach us how to use these tools and services. If you don’t want to wait, you can start using or testing something for your business. During the last four years, we have gathered the following services. We’ve whittled down hundreds of different services and advertising systems to those shown to be the most effective.

Moving forward requires the following actions:

1. Create a website if you don’t already have one. Your website is crucial, and this is where your customers can discover everything they need to know about your products, services, and company. Clients are more likely to approach you if your website is well-designed and informative.

2. Start using a system to arrange appointments if you haven’t already. What should you do first?

  1. Establish a presence on the web.
  2. Make use of a scheduling system.

3. Have your business listed on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, and other internet directories.

4. Create a platform for customers to submit reviews and collect them on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other social media sites, for example.

5. Recruit a team to help you develop content, articles, and a website, or do it yourself.

6. Make a task list for the marketing team to prepare for upcoming actions.

7. Use online tools and apps to create your content, such as images and videos.

Creating The Perfect Website

Creating The Perfect Website

Everyone nowadays uses online tools to find the items and services they require. Having a website makes you appear more legitimate and trustworthy to potential clients. You don’t have a business unless you have a website.

A website allows you to connect with hundreds of thousands of individuals looking for services in your area. Still, it also serves as a creative outlet for you to elaborate on what makes your company special.

Include client testimonials, before and after photos, and an “about us” button with further information about your business. All of these factors will help you become a more appealing brand and, as a result, attract more customers.

Where can I get a domain name?

  • Domains by Google

Here Are Some Website Builders That Are Specifically Designed For The Spa Industry:

1. You can find it at Templates, appointment systems, email campaigns, and SMS are just a few features.

2. It provides features such as CRM, appointments, payroll, payments, calendars, templates, email campaigns, SMS, and an app.Simple to set up and less costly:

  • You can find pricing at
  • Pricing at

Google Website Builder is a tool that allows you to create a free and straightforward start-up, but with limited functionality.

When Shopping For A Website Builder, Seek The Following Features:

  • Appointments
  • Emails that are sent automatically
  • Reminders through SMS
  • Processing of payments
  • CRM built-in
  • Options for integration, as well as a Zapier connection

Vagaro should be your first choice if you want to attempt an all-in-one website builder system based on our expertise and the website builders.

SPA Business CRM Understanding

SPA Business CRM Understanding

“CRM” stands for “customer relationship management system.” CRM solutions assist businesses in staying in touch with customers, managing operations, and increasing profitability.

The CRM Technologies Can Benefit Your Spa In Seven Ways:

  1. Increase sales by getting to know your customers better.
  2. Marketing segmentation of customers
  3. Use reports to make wiser judgments.
  4. Send emails and SMS using your contact information.
  5. Keep track of your marketing channels.
  6. Send a triggered email or text message.
  7. Keep track of your customers’ purchases.
Get Organized With The Best Spa & Salon CRM Software

CRM-enabled website builders:


Check this list if you already have a website but don’t have CRM.

CRM System Created Specifically For The Spa Industry:


Pay Attention To The Following Features When Selecting CRM:


  • Management of appointments
  • Emails that are sent automatically
  • Obtaining payment


  • Google Calendar synchronisation
  • Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect (service for business automation)
  • SMS

Have A Scheduling System For Your SPA Business

Have A Scheduling System For Your SPA Business

Professionals at all levels must have a system to arrange their services. Using a scheduling system, you can keep yourself or your team on track, whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a multi-facility company with 50+ employees. We live in a digital age, and pen-and-paper calendars are no longer appropriate.

When many clients find you through your website or social media platform, they must be able to schedule with you using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. That’s why it’s critical to use a system like Vagaro to combine a website with scheduling and other capabilities.

If You Don’t Want to Develop a Website or Don’t Have The Time to Wait, Start Using One of These Scheduling Services that We Identified to Be The Best:

If You’re a Self-Employed Aesthetician, Here’s What You Should Do:


For Larger Groups, Try:


Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We live in a digital era, as described in the previous chapters. This involves transactions involving money. The simpler and more convenient the process is for your clients, the better. This is why your company should have an active online payment account.

The Following Are The Three Most Popular Payment Options That do not require a Monthly Payment to Keep Accounts Active:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Square

We recommend that you create an account on each site. If one of them fails or malfunctions, you’ll always have a backup plan.

Only Your Business & Personal Information Are Required:

  • Name of the company
  • Both a business and a personal address are required.
  • SSN (social security number), EIN (tax identification number)
  • Information about how to contact us

Best Practices & Tools For Email Marketing

Email marketing is a critical component of your company’s success. This application allows you to keep your clients up to date on future events, new services or treatments, or even pleasant reminders that you haven’t seen them in a few weeks and it might be time for another service. By incorporating this technology into your service, you’ll be able to attract more customers.

Relaxing Spa

You Can Send Three Different Types Of Emails:

  • Emails were sent as a result of a trigger. Triggered emails are automated emails marketers send to customers once they take a specific action that causes the email to be sent. These emails are effective because they are sent at the right moment and are highly relevant to the receiver.
  • They can be triggered by the addition of a new contact to CRM, the scheduling of a recent meeting, sending a birthday invitation, or the passage of time since their last visit. These functions were previously only available in CRM systems, and however, they may now be included in Scheduling systems as well.
  • Sequences of emails. An email sequence is a set of emails sent at pre-determined intervals or in response to a trigger. Using special email services, you can build up monthly or weekly email campaigns for your clients.
  • Emails that promote products or services. Promotional emails are a simple yet effective way to get the word out about your products and services. Promotional emails are sent to increase spa visits, generate income, or improve client retention and loyalty. Any good email marketing plan must include promotional emails.

We Recommend The Following For Email Sequences & Promotional Emails:

  1. Pricing at is more straightforward, with better rates.
  2. Pricing at is more complicated, with competitive costs, but not identical to Mailchimp.

Platforms For Social Media

Did you realize over 100 distinct social media channels to choose from?
Social media should and will become your closest friend and tool in marketing your business and services. We now have greater access to potential clients than ever before, with over 3 billion social media users (yes, 3 billion) across all social media platforms as long as you have the necessary information and skills to advertise yourself effectively.

The Spa Industry

We need to include a website link, contact information (phone number/email), and a link to the appointment scheduling system to the account description (bio).
After that, we must share original and creative content, such as photographs and videos, with engaging and instructive writing and the appropriate hashtags. Correct hashtags are those that are focused and specialized in nature.

  • Because they are so wide, hashtags like #skin, #beauty, and #facial are ineffective.
  • #facialsmiami #estheticianmiami #medicalspamiami or #miamimedicalspa are good examples of hashtags that mention your company’s location.

We’ve compiled a list of the most excellent Social Media platforms available today, as well as what would work best for your company:


Make a new account and change the profile to a business profile. Any personal information can be converted.
From a personal account to a business account, This gives you access to various features in the App.


Make a page for your company. Choose the suitable company model for you and start building your empire.


Using your Gmail account, create a channel.


Create an account after installing the App.


Create an account after installing the App.


If you don’t already have one, make a personal page first, then a business page.


Make a personal account and then change it to a business account.


Create a business account.

Aesthetic SPA Business Direct Mail Marketing

Develop a Local Clientele

Direct mail promotion is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your Spa to your local community. You should also send physical mail to your local clients, as you want to cover all clientele demographics.

The postcards can be sent to addresses from your CRM or contact list, or you can select a location on a map and send postcards within a 2-5 mile radius of your Spa.

We highly recommend these services:

  • Pricing can be found at

Every Door Direct Mail® is a tool that allows you to select an area on a map for postcard campaigning.


Services for direct mail and digital advertising.

  • Pricing at

Every Door Direct Mail® is a kind of direct mail delivered to every.


Every Door Direct Mail® is a kind of direct mail delivered to every.

Their unique feature is called “New Movers in Your Area.”

What Is The Best Way To Advertise Online?

Digital marketing is the quickest approach to growing your company. We will learn the most common types of digital marketing during our course.

You Can Place Your Advertisements In The Following Locations:

1. Google Ads is a service provided by Google. Google Search and the websites that Google has partnered with.

What Are The Advantages:

People looking for specific treatment can use search ads to find it. For example, Hydrodermabrasion near me, oxygen facial Miami. Ads for folks looking for anything in particular. For instance, facials near me, day spas in Miami, and estheticians in the area.

People who have visited your website are targeted with remarketing ads. To track your visitors, copy a unique Google code to your website. For example, you may show the image or video adverts on different websites for the next seven days after visiting your site. Google permits us to keep track of your visitors for up to 540 days, and you can show adverts to them all. Additionally, a text version of your adverts will appear on Gmail.

2. Facebook for Business is a platform that allows businesses to connect with Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

What Is The Advantage:

Remarketing Ads are advertisements shown to those who have previously visited your website. Show adverts on Facebook to those who have visited your website and Instagram.

Customizable Audience Upload your client list, including email addresses and phone numbers, and the system will match them. Begin displaying your adverts to this demographic.

Audience in the area. Advertisements for folks who have never heard of your company before. Depending on your target audience, target people within a 2-5 mile radius of your address, female or male. To target a specific age group, select an age range. You can even like a person’s extra interests, such as skin care.

3. Bing Ads is a service provided by Bing. Advertisements on Bing and Yahoo Search.

What Are The Advantages:

People looking for a particular treatment can use search ads to find it. Hydrodermabrasion near me, for example, or an oxygen facial in Miami. Ads for folks looking for anything in particular. For instance, facials near me, day spas in Miami, and estheticians in my area.

4. Advertisements on YouTube Youtube video advertisements.

What Are The Advantages:

Advertisements in video format. People who have visited your website will see your video adverts, and Google Ads is where you may run your ads.

5. SnapChat is a business-oriented social media platform. In the Snapchat feed, there are advertisements.

What Are The Advantages:

Remarketing. People who have visited your website will see your adverts. Out of all the remarketing alternatives, this is the cheapest. A mailing list Advertise for clients from your list, submit an Excel spreadsheet, and display advertising to them.

6. Advertisements on LinkedIn. Promoted messages and ads on the LinkedIn stream.

What Are The Advantages:

Remarketing. Send a “Promoted Message” to anyone who visited your website via “In-Mail.” A mailing list Send a “Promoted Message” to clients on your list using “In-Mail,” upload an Excel list and show them adverts.

These businesses provide a variety of ad alternatives, and we’re sharing our most effective techniques with you. Following the implementation of these ideas, you can begin experimenting with a few other marketing techniques.

For Facilities In The SPA Industry, Online Businesses Catalogs

For Facilities In The SPA Industry, Online Businesses Catalogs

Online catalogs are a fantastic way to attract free customers. You can also find professional catalogs for aesthetic businesses with various price ranges.

Catalogs For Businesses:

1. Google Maps and My Business

Google is an excellent place to start if you want to promote your company. Clients will be able to locate you through a search for your company.

Name. You’ll be listed on Google Maps as well.

2. Google Maps

Bing is a great place to list your company.

3. Business on Yelp

They are free to use. According to our experience, advertising on Yelp costs more than other tools.

4. Map of Apple

For iPhone users, add your business to Apple Maps.

5. Waze

Install an app and enter your location.


Catalog of local businesses


Catalog of local businesses


Catalog of local businesses


Catalog of local businesses


Catalog of local businesses


Catalog of local businesses

Catalogs for the Aesthetic Industry, both free and paid:





We recommend that you utilize terms like facials, MedSpa, DaySpa, esthetician, Laser Spa, and so on in your business name. This will assist you in attracting more clients who are looking for similar services on the map.

Also, include as much information as possible about your services in the description.

Generating Successful content

You must be original and innovative while developing material for your social media sites. If you publish a photo, make it intriguing and valuable to the client. If you’re going to post a video, the first three seconds should be the most captivating. We’ll show you some of the most excellent tools that our Social Media team uses regularly.

These programs and websites are the most excellent and user-friendly solutions for generating banners, and postcards, altering images, and creating films online.

For image & Video Editing, Use The Following Tools:

For videos, go to:

1. VideoRama

Create films on your phone; it only works with iPhones.

2. Swish

Create films on your phone and add SM-friendly music; this feature is only available on the iPhone.


On a PC, you can make videos.

Even if you don’t have your photos or movies to work with, stock photography and videos can help you get started. The use of photos and videos is always a good idea.

The stock of Content:


Images are from the public domain.


Images are from the public domain.


Stock photography and video.

Collaboration With Freelancers

Some aspects of marketing for your business can be assigned to make your life a little easier. Hire freelancers and connect online through the following networks instead of paying high-ticket costs to local marketing agencies:


Logo design and Mailchimp newsletters are two examples.

The main advantages of Fiverr are the low prices and ease of use.


You must first construct and upload your project, which is a more complicated method.


You pay per hour, which is more expensive than Fiverr. Designers, for example.


Reasonable rates and various payment alternatives (per hour, per task).

The beauty of these platforms is that you can employ a wide range of independent specialists at a fraction of the cost of enormous marketing companies, including graphic designers, video and image editors, language translation, and many more. We recommend Fiverr since it has proven to be the easiest and fastest platform to use.

Reviews From Customers

The importance of reviews stems from the fact that they increase customer loyalty and confidence in a brand. According to the ZenDesk report, 88% of customers read reviews before purchasing.

Positive customer reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and others can dramatically improve your business.

You should make time as a business owner to read customer reviews. This can help you figure out how to improve the quality of your services and improve your customer’s experiences with your company.

When your audience notices that you constantly receive favorable feedback, you stand out from the crowd. Reviews give business credibility, and several studies indicate that users trust you.

1. Facebook

It is beneficial to have some reviews on social media or run ads on Facebook. Even once a week or biweekly is beneficial.

2. “Google My Business,” A Service Provided By Google.

Those whose location is turned on have visited your area and have received push alerts from Google Maps. To leave a review, Google them. It is critical to obtain Google reviews, and it helps you appear at the top of the list alongside competitors on the map and in search.

3. Yelp

Like Google, Yelp reviews help your business rise in the rankings, allowing more people to see it. You’re not only gaining credibility, but you’re also gaining additional customers. Sixty percent of Yelp users want to read reviews, and 32% want to find local businesses.

4. Realself

Millions of people use RealSelf to research cosmetic treatments, read reviews, and connect with local providers every month.

What’s Most Important:

1. Keep an eye on the feedback. It’s critical to express gratitude for positive reviews while acknowledging negative ones.

Respond to unfavorable feedback and consider how you may make your company better in the future. Always keep in mind that the client is always right.

2. Create separate sites for people to submit reviews or for you to update your company’s details.

3. Create email templates that include links to all of your review sites.

4. After each visit, send an email asking for a review. Setting up an automated email campaign in CRM is a fantastic concept, and send it manually from your company email if you don’t have this option.

5. On your website’s Contact page, include links to your review sites.

6. Your reviews should be promoted on your website, Facebook, and Instagram.

7. Send out email blasts to all of your current customers.

Review sites where your customers can offer feedback:

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business is a service provided by Google.
  • Yelp
  • Realself
  • TripAdvisor

Comprehensive Knowledge Of Client Demographics 

There are tools available to conduct market research on the Audience in your area and the vicinity of your business.

It’s critical to comprehend the demographics of your potential and current clients. Find out how old they are, how much money they make on average, etc.

Age – to determine the type of treatment to provide

Average income can help you figure out how to price your products.

You need to know the ethnic composition of your clients so you can recommend the right treatments.

To learn what you should have to be a receptionist, you should know common foreign languages.


You can search by city or zip code.


You can search by city or zip code.


You can search by city or zip code.

4. Deloitte’s by city.

Advanced Level SPA Business Automation

Here are some tools for automating your business at a higher level.

This is for your IT staff who is in charge of marketing. As a team, you can take advantage of a number of benefits provided by the following services:


You can connect practically any internet service to each other.


You can connect practically any internet service to each other.


Using CRM triggers, send direct mails automatically. Postcards at a great price.


Messages and phone call Apps are available for PC, Android, and iPhone.


Facebook Messenger ChatBot


All of your social media activity can be tracked in one spot.


To Get Started, Follow These Steps:

1. Create a website if you don’t already have one.

2. If you have a website but no CRM or appointment system, decide which one is ideal for you and allow your clients to schedule appointments directly from your website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

3. Create an account with any payment service. You can link to your CRM, website, or Scheduling System depending on what your CRM, website, or Scheduling System allows you to connect to.

4. Start collecting emails from clients right now if you haven’t already. Collect emails on your website, through direct messages on Instagram or Facebook, or in your workplace.

5. List your company on each of the free Online Catalogs on the list.

6. Use if you need to alter photographs for your material.

7. Stay tuned for future articles, which will cover Instagram, Facebook, and paid advertising.

Spa Digital Marketing Plan

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