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Ultrasonic Cavitation


The best place to start is to explain what is a cavitation machine. In general, a professional ultrasonic cavitation machine uses low-frequency sound waves. Later, the sound waves destroy fat cells. In fact, sound waves cause fat cells to vibrate. Then, vibration generates heat. Eventually, the heat destroys the fat cells. Once the heat destroys fat cells, they turn into liquid fat deposits. The body uses the lymphatic system to get rid of the liquid deposits.

Lipo cavitation is not the same as liposuction. On the first hand, liposuction is a surgical procedure. Liposuction requires anesthesia. On the other hand, lipo cavitation is non-surgical. In fact, it is a painless technique. Moreover, it tightens sagging skin and eliminates cellulite. To be clear, this doesn’t include any cuts or needles.


The principle behind a lipo machine is to increase the temperature of body fat to melt it down. Treatments can be done by yourself. Or, you can get the help of a friend.

When you rub the machine head on a specific body part, the machine head emits sound waves. The emitted sound waves have a frequency between 40KHz and 5MHz. In particular, the high-frequency sound waves cause fat cells to heat up. Then, the heat leads fat cells to create bubbles around them. These bubbles or cavities start pressure and compress the fat cells. Ultimately, the body converts these cells into liquid. Later, the body discharges from the user’s body through lymphatic drainage.

A typical session of body cavitation requires 30-45 minutes. Also, the number of sessions depends upon your body’s needs. Generally, most people will see a visible improvement after 3-4 sessions; others may notice a difference after 10-12 sessions.

Did You Know?

Most people notice visible improvements after 3-4 sessions.


Spot Treatment: You can treat almost any area of your body with fat content. Treatments include your arms, buttocks, legs, shoulder, back, and tummy. Further, you can even use the machine on smaller areas like your chin and the area around your eyes.

Cellulite Reduction: Ultrasonic waves burn fat and improve the texture of the skin. It clears all the lumps and bumps created by cellulite. Also, it tightens and firms the skin.

Painless Procedure: Body cavitation does not require anesthesia. You can do contouring treatments without any cuts. Cavitation machines work on the surface of the skin. Further, You will not feel any pain during the process. You will only feel a mild warming sensation.

Quick and Easy Procedure: The process is simple and easy. To clarify, it takes 30-45 minutes per session. Indeed, you will not need special skin care. In short, you need to take a healthy diet, consume more water, and do mild exercise to maintain the results.

Faster Results: The results depend on many factors. The concentration of fat plays a big role. Also, body type is an important factor. Some people notice a change even after the first session. On the other hand, some people require 8-10 sessions to see the difference.

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