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Powerful Body Sculpting Machine For Building Muscles and Burning Fats

Powerful Body Sculpting Machine For Building Muscles and Burning Fats

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Who We Are

Proudly rooted in the US, The Medspa Store stands as a distinguished supplier in the world of professional beauty equipment and cutting-edge aesthetic solutions. We not only bring decades of expertise to the table but also harbor a relentless passion for empowering both businesses and individuals with tools that deliver unparalleled results in skin enhancement and body sculpting.

Our diverse inventory features non-invasive marvels—from ultrasonic cavitation and emsculpting to hydrodermabrasion and cosmetic lasers. Each product in our repertoire is meticulously curated to elevate skin aesthetics and sculpt the body, eliminating the dependency on invasive procedures.

Whether you're an established spa desiring to broaden your service horizon or an individual on a personal journey to radiance, our offerings are tailor-made to resonate with your unique aspirations. At The Medspa Store, customer obsession is at our core. Hence, you can always expect unwavering support, guidance, and a personal touch from our dedicated team at every juncture.

Enhance your medspa business and boost revenue with the market's most potent muscle building machine. Body sculpting has become a lucrative venture for spas and medspas, and this cutting-edge device caters to both beginners and professionals.


  • Build Muscle & Burn Fat Together
  • Non-invasive Buttock Lifting Procedure
  • Suitable for Everyone - No Anesthesia - No Surgery
  • Only 30 Minutes per Session
  • Visible Results in Just Four Sessions
  • Intensive Workout Experience
  • Safe with No Downtime


This technology induces short bursts of powerful muscle contractions in the treatment area, surpassing what voluntary contractions can achieve. These supramaximal muscle contractions subject the muscle tissue to extreme and challenging conditions, leading to remarkable adaptations. As a result, the inner structure of the tissue remodels, leading to increased muscle density, decreased volume, improved definition, and enhanced tone.

Quick and effective, this treatment option is ideal for individuals with a BMI of less than 25 who may not qualify for other fat reduction treatments. These painless sessions last approximately 30 minutes and can be seamlessly integrated with other treatments to provide patients with the tight, firm body they desire.

Guts and Butts: This treatment is particularly effective in targeting stubborn fat deposits in the abdomen and buttocks, which can often be frustrating for individuals striving to improve their body shape through exercise and diet alone.

Muscle Building: The high-frequency and high-intensity muscle contractions promote muscle density and volume.

Fat Reduction: Muscle contractions require a significant energy supply, leading to the consumption of adjacent fat cells. This natural apoptosis process effectively reduces fat thickness.

Muscle Sculpting: Target the abdominal muscles for a defined waistline, shape the hip muscles for a lifted appearance, and engage the oblique abdominal muscles for an elegant mermaid line.

Treatment of Rectus Separation: Provide postpartum women with non-invasive technology that addresses rectus separation, solving a common concern.

Take your medspa business to the next level with this powerful muscle building machine. Experience the benefits of increased revenue and satisfied clients who achieve their desired body transformations.

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