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Digital Muscle Stimulator

Digital Muscle Stimulator

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Proudly rooted in the US, The Medspa Store stands as a distinguished supplier in the world of professional beauty equipment and cutting-edge aesthetic solutions. We not only bring decades of expertise to the table but also harbor a relentless passion for empowering both businesses and individuals with tools that deliver unparalleled results in skin enhancement and body sculpting.

Our diverse inventory features non-invasive marvels—from ultrasonic cavitation and emsculpting to hydrodermabrasion and cosmetic lasers. Each product in our repertoire is meticulously curated to elevate skin aesthetics and sculpt the body, eliminating the dependency on invasive procedures.

Whether you're an established spa desiring to broaden your service horizon or an individual on a personal journey to radiance, our offerings are tailor-made to resonate with your unique aspirations. At The Medspa Store, customer obsession is at our core. Hence, you can always expect unwavering support, guidance, and a personal touch from our dedicated team at every juncture.

Thanks for checking our digital Muscle Stimulator. Our device is particularly effective on the buttocks and abdomen. Digital Muscle Stimulator uses High-Intensity Focused Electric field technology to induce short bursts of powerful muscle contractions that increase muscle density, decrease volume, better definition, and improve tone.

Did You Know?

Digital Muscle Stimulator helps both women and men build muscle and burn fat.

Digital Muscle Stimulator Technology

Digital Muscle Stimulator is the only procedure to help women and men build muscle and burn fat and is the first non-invasive buttock lifting procedure. It works by supramaximal contractions; the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. It responds with a profound remodeling of its inner structure, resulting in muscle building, tightening, toning, and burning fat. Digital Muscle Stimulator machine helps patients achieve slimmer and more athletic body contours by reducing abdominal fat and simultaneously building the muscle foundations underneath the fat. EMS gives the patients a more lifted, athletic shape when applied to the buttocks. The Digital Muscle Stimulator machine does not use a heating cooling principle, so there are no risks of burns, scarring, or swelling. The recommended treatment plan is four 30-minute treatment sessions over two weeks. Best results will be seen after 3-months, with continued improvement over six months.

Exercise Program

All frequency procedures of magnetic thin are designed according to the feeling and effect of actual exercise. The basic30-minute plan includes: a l-minute "stretch mode, a 5-minute "warm-up mode",four 5-minute"workout mode" and 4-minute "cool mode" set. Each group is a step-by-step configuration, ideally, for weight training, designed to provide the best results in frequency and intensity for each individual's different purposes. HI-EMT uses a specific range of frequencies that do not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimuli. Muscles are forced to maintain a contracted state for several seconds. When repeatedly exposed to these high-load conditions, muscle tissue is forced to adapt under pressure. Studies indicate that one to two months after HIEMT treatment, patients, average abdominal muscle thickness increased by 15%-16%. Several recent studies using CT, MRI, and ultrasound evaluations have reported a reduction in the subcutaneous fat layer of approximately 19% in patients treated with HI EMT-based devices in the abdomen. Many studies have observed and confirmed the principle of apoptosis induced by increased free fatty acid concentrations.


  1. Digital Muscle Stimulator: This acronym stands for High-Intensity Focused Electric (Body Slim EMT) field technology. This is the safe and effective technology behind Body SCULPT. BODY SLIM technology induces short bursts of powerful muscle contractions in the treatment area. These supramaximal muscle contractions are not achievable through voluntary contractions. When muscle tissue is exposed to these contractions, it must adapt to extreme and stressful conditions. The tissue does so by remodeling its inner structure and, in doing so, builds muscle and burns fat. This increases muscle density, decreased volume, better definition, and improved tone.
  2. Quick and effective. Studies show that EMS can decrease fat by 19% while increasing abdominal muscle mass by 16%. EMS is an attractive treatment option for those with a BMI of less than 25 and may not be the ideal candidate for other fat reduction treatments. These painless sessions take approximately 30 minutes and can be added or stacked onto other treatments such as Cool Sculpting to give patients a tight, firm body.
  3. Guts and butts. EMS is particularly effective on stubborn fat deposits in the abdomen and buttocks, which are often the areas most frustrating for those seeking to improve their body shape through exercise and diet alone.


What is EMS?

Digital Muscle Stimulator device to help build and sculpt muscles non-invasively, in just a few 30-minute sessions, for immediate and long-term body sculpting. EMS also eliminates the fat cells creating the only 2-in-1 treatment for fat and muscle sculpting, with unparalleled results in the industry.

How does EMS work?

The non-invasive, High-Intensity Focused Electric technology induces 20,000 deep and powerful muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions. When exposed to muscular contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such an extreme condition. It responds with a profound remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and sculpting your body.

Is there any downtime with EMS?

The EMS is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or pre/post treatment preparation. You will be able to go back to your normal activities as the lactic acid that builds up from muscle contractions is flushed out during phase 3 of the treatment cycles.

What areas does EMS treat?

Currently, EMS treats the abdomen for muscle toning and fat reduction and treats the buttocks for lifting and volumizing.

What results can I expect with EMS?

You can expect a 19-23% permanent decrease in fat in the abdomen and a 16% increase in the muscle fibers. For the butt lift, you can expect a 4-4.5cm lift while also increasing the look of volume in the midsection of the buttocks.

How fast will I see results?

You begin to feel tangible results after the treatment and cumulatively with each consecutive session. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments, with maximum results peaking at three months.

How long do the results last with EMS?

Studies show that after the initial series of 4 sessions, results in the muscle can last a year or more, and the results with fat loss are permanent.

What does the EMS procedure feel like?

The EMS procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lay down and relax during the treatment. It doesn’t hurt, but people describe it as a pulsing feeling. We can constantly adjust the intensity up or down for your comfort, but it should always feel completely tolerable.

How long is the EMS treatment?

The EMS procedure is only a 30-minute treatment. It is recommended to be performed in a series of 4 treatments, scheduled two times a week for two weeks.

Are maintenance treatments needed with EMS?

After your series, you don’t need maintenance sessions per se. We call them “enhancement” sessions, as they take you further than just maintaining. Some individuals choose to do it quarterly or twice a year to enhance their excellent results.

Am I a candidate for EMS?

Anyone can benefit from the EMS procedure if they want to achieve muscle tone and fat loss, which they could not achieve with diet, exercise, resistance training, or other non-invasive body sculpting procedures.

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