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Get The Maximum Fat Burning With Pressotherapy The Premium Sauna Blanket


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Detox Slimming Weight Loss Waterproof Infrared Sauna Blanket

Perfect for rehabilitation centers, beauty centers, spa, home, leisure clubs, retirement centers, etc. Very essential for Weight Loss Fat Burning according to Pressotherapy.


What is Pressotherapy Slimming Machine?

Pressotherapy can be used in conjunction with seaweed wraps to detoxify, firm, tone, improve circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. A great, relaxing alternative to liposuction, which can be coupled with vacuumobilization treatments for exceptional results.

A computer-controlled compression system is used to inflate a sleeve applied to a limb and an automatic pressure gradient modulation provides a gentle effective lymphatic drainage.

The system of compression and decompression duplicates the action of a massage, enhancing the skin tone, and is recommended for cellulite control.

It is a compression technique designed to help improve overall circulation and tone up the circulatory system for faster detoxification and elimination.

The unique, separable, three temperature zone structure makes it possible for a customized program for reducing fat at the abdomen, waist, and leg. Based on infrared thermal technology, the blanket allows the application of heat on the body by a heating wrap of infrared rays that penetrate until the fat tissues, which accelerates blood flow, deliver oxygen and nutrients, remove body toxins and metabolic wastes through sweating, also helps to relax the muscles and reduce pain. After this treatment, great comfort and relaxation can be achieved.

Heat Sauna Blanket with Infrared Heating Therapy-Using the unique penetrating power of the body, it can absorb far-infrared rays.
When these rays penetrate the skin, the deep thermal effects of the subcutaneous tissue cause blood vessels and capillaries to
dilate, thus promoting better blood circulation and helping to get rid of body toxins and metabolic waste


Sauna Blanket Multi-Function
This deeply relaxing treatment is also great for stress relief score joints and stiff muscles you will leave invigorated renewed
if you are looking for instant detox pain relief or you just want to drop a dress size. Recovering therapy for shoulder, hip and
waist, back and legs


  1. Pregnant women, hypertension more than 180, severe heart disease, and other major diseases are strictly prohibited
    2. Can be worn thin cotton pajamas or bathroom bags to collect sweat, can also use bath towels, clean up with wet cloth twisted dry wipe.
    3. To avoid the blankets from sticking together, you have to smooth out the blanket when it is heating, do not fold the blanket until it cools.
    4. Do not set the temperature too high or turn it on for a long time

Other Treatment Benefits Include
• Immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs, water retention, cellulite, and poor circulation
• Body shaping and profiling
• Weight management
• Pre and post-liposuction treatment
• Reduces localized lipolytic edema
• Effective lymphatic drainage
• Relieves leg pain and swelling
• Helps prevent venous stasis
• Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis
• Improves blood flow and oxygenation
• Provides athletic performance enhancement

Quick Details


Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Detox, Infrared heating


ABS, Plastic, environmental protection leather and carbon fiber heating wire






500 – 600 watt






Perspire, Sweat, Detox, Beauty, Relax

Session period:

5 to 50 min


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Get The Maximum Fat Burning Pressotherapy Detox Infrared With Our Premium Sauna Blanket MarkAlphaGet The Maximum Fat Burning With Pressotherapy The Premium Sauna Blanket