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Oxygen Facial Machine - 6 in 1

Oxygen Facial Machine - 6 in 1

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Proudly rooted in the US, The Medspa Store stands as a distinguished supplier in the world of professional beauty equipment and cutting-edge aesthetic solutions. We not only bring decades of expertise to the table but also harbor a relentless passion for empowering both businesses and individuals with tools that deliver unparalleled results in skin enhancement and body sculpting.

Our diverse inventory features non-invasive marvels—from ultrasonic cavitation and emsculpting to hydrodermabrasion and cosmetic lasers. Each product in our repertoire is meticulously curated to elevate skin aesthetics and sculpt the body, eliminating the dependency on invasive procedures.

Whether you're an established spa desiring to broaden your service horizon or an individual on a personal journey to radiance, our offerings are tailor-made to resonate with your unique aspirations. At The Medspa Store, customer obsession is at our core. Hence, you can always expect unwavering support, guidance, and a personal touch from our dedicated team at every juncture.

Small bubbles, why do 99% of people go into the beauty salon to make small bubbles?

The 6 in 1 oxygen facial machine is a great addition to your business. It has three major functions.

First, the vacuum negative pressure sends the essence water into the pores, and the dirt is emulsified by the essence water to push out the pores in the water mist vibration and stirring. Second, the specially designed small spiral suction head directly acts on the skin to promote the peeling effect, sucking out the old dead skin cells and blackheads deep in the skin. Third, after a large number of bubbles are dissolved in water, they can also be injected into the skin.


This alkaline water can effectively improve the oily skin of acne which with acidic pH. It can penetrate into skin cells, and effectively remove excess aging factors (free radicals) in the body, remove reactive oxygen species and convert harmful components into the water, completely transform them into completely harmless water, and remove harmful active acids, at the same time replenish moisture (the instrument has a hydroelectric function to help the skin to punch holes, and it is easier to add water to the skin)


  • Hydrogen-rich water for anti-aging
  • Get rid of harmful free radicals
  • Remove the fundamental cause of skin aging
  • Specialized treatment for a natural-looking result
  • Pain-free, smart suction extraction application--Deep skin
  • Detox.--Facial skin remodeling and improve skin elasticity.
  • Anti -Aging.--Elimination of wrinkle.
  • White / Blackheads removal, deep cleansing Moisturizing Whitening
  • Lightening and Skin Rejuvenation Skin Reproduction

What are the results of treatment?

  • Provides a rejuvenated feeling for patients
  • Sheds dead skin cells
  • Lowers the level of harmful toxins in the skin from pollution
  • Moisturizes skin 5.Unclogs pores
  • Treats excessively oily areas
  • Proven safe and highly effective on sensitive skin
  • Evens skin texture and tone 9.Smoothes and hydrates skin
  • Improves elasticity and tightness
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • “Injects” nutrients directly into the cell
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