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Smart Tecar Therapy Machine ZS507: Advanced Dual-Frequency Thermotherapy for Athletes & Physio Care

Smart Tecar Therapy Machine ZS507: Advanced Dual-Frequency Thermotherapy for Athletes & Physio Care

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Proudly rooted in the US, The Medspa Store stands as a distinguished supplier in the world of professional beauty equipment and cutting-edge aesthetic solutions. We not only bring decades of expertise to the table but also harbor a relentless passion for empowering both businesses and individuals with tools that deliver unparalleled results in skin enhancement and body sculpting.

Our diverse inventory features non-invasive marvels—from ultrasonic cavitation and emsculpting to hydrodermabrasion and cosmetic lasers. Each product in our repertoire is meticulously curated to elevate skin aesthetics and sculpt the body, eliminating the dependency on invasive procedures.

Whether you're an established spa desiring to broaden your service horizon or an individual on a personal journey to radiance, our offerings are tailor-made to resonate with your unique aspirations. At The Medspa Store, customer obsession is at our core. Hence, you can always expect unwavering support, guidance, and a personal touch from our dedicated team at every juncture.

Tecar Therapy Overview

Understanding Tecar Therapy:

  1. Tecar Therapy is a unique form of thermotherapy that promotes healing by generating internal body heat through radio waves. This method is popularly referred to as capacitive and resistive electrical transfer. While there are other therapies like TENS and PEMF, they operate on different wavelengths.

  2. The choice for Tecar therapy lies in its state-of-the-art physio care and effectiveness. It's a favorite amongst athletes, with numerous professional and amateur players among our patients.

Working Principle: The foundation of Tecar therapy is Capacitive and Resistive electric transfer. Originated as a deep thermotherapy technique, it utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy. This energy, flowing between the active and inactive electrodes, produces heat within the human body.

Application Benefits: Due to its capacitive and resistive features, Tecar therapy can target various depths and tissues. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even the vascular and lymphatic systems. The therapy aids in the absorption of hematomas, diminishes inflammation, and enhances local circulation.

Selecting The Right Mode:

  • Capacitive Energy Transfer (CET): Best suited for tissues rich in electrolytes like muscles and soft tissues.

  • Resistive Energy Transfer (RET): Effective for higher resistance tissues such as bones, tendons, and joints. The profound penetration of RET also assists in breaking down stubborn fat and facilitating weight loss.

Key Advantages of Smart Tecar:

  1. Dual Frequencies: Offers both 300KHZ and 450KHZ, ensuring deeper and shallower differences. RET's deeper penetration can access up to 10CM without energy wastage.
  2. High Power: While comparable products max out at 80W, our machine boasts a maximum power of 300W and an operational power of 250W. This denotes superior internal component quality.
  3. Diverse Handles: An optional 80MM double handle ensures enhanced operational flexibility and therapeutic results.
  4. User-Friendly Display: Equipped with a 10.4-inch LED touch screen.


  • Type: Tecar Therapy Device
  • Model: ZS507
  • RF Frequency: 300-450KHZ
  • Maximum Power: 300W
  • Head Sizes: 20/40/60MM
  • Packaging Dimensions: 371836CM
  • Package Weight: 15KG (Aluminum Box)
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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