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Titanium Hair Removal Machine- Tri-Wavelength Diode Laser System

Titanium Hair Removal Machine- Tri-Wavelength Diode Laser System

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Who We Are

Proudly rooted in the US, The Medspa Store stands as a distinguished supplier in the world of professional beauty equipment and cutting-edge aesthetic solutions. We not only bring decades of expertise to the table but also harbor a relentless passion for empowering both businesses and individuals with tools that deliver unparalleled results in skin enhancement and body sculpting.

Our diverse inventory features non-invasive marvels—from ultrasonic cavitation and emsculpting to hydrodermabrasion and cosmetic lasers. Each product in our repertoire is meticulously curated to elevate skin aesthetics and sculpt the body, eliminating the dependency on invasive procedures.

Whether you're an established spa desiring to broaden your service horizon or an individual on a personal journey to radiance, our offerings are tailor-made to resonate with your unique aspirations. At The Medspa Store, customer obsession is at our core. Hence, you can always expect unwavering support, guidance, and a personal touch from our dedicated team at every juncture.

Introducing the Titanium Hair Removal Machine – an innovative solution for all your unwanted hair woes. Experience the power of three with this state-of-the-art machine, which combines three distinct laser wavelengths into a single handpiece.

Features and Benefits:

  • Triple Wavelength Targeting: Simultaneously targets various tissue depths and hair follicle structures for thorough hair removal.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for removing unwanted hair on the face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs, and more.
  • Skin Enhancements: Apart from hair removal, benefit from skin renewal and tightening.
  • Inclusive Treatment: Effective on all skin colors, including tanned skin, with tailored wavelengths for white, yellow, and black skin.
  • Advanced Handle Design: Choose from two spot sizes for precision: 15x25 mm² for smaller areas and 12x40 mm² for larger areas. The handle is also lightweight, weighing just 0.35kg, making treatments more convenient.
  • Top-Quality Laser Bar: Featuring an 800W/1000W/1200W diode laser bar from Germany's renowned Jenoptik, ensuring top-notch efficacy.
  • Superior Cooling System: Experience painless treatments with the Japan-imported cooling system, ensuring the machine's longevity with a lifetime of over ten years.
  • User-Friendly Operation System: A 15.6-inch color touch screen allows tailored settings for men/women and different body parts. 
  • Additional Features: Enjoy the perks of a microchannel laser bar, an easy-to-operate system with OEM program service, and the assurance of an efficient, long-lasting product.

Additional Support: Receive full access to our range of treatment guidance and installation videos at no extra cost. For any assistance or further information, feel free to contact us anytime.

Elevate your beauty regimen and step into the future of hair removal with the Titanium Hair Removal Machine. Experience efficiency, comfort, and the promise of lasting results.

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